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PHARMACOGNOSY MACQ’S ( Part-19 ) with Answers


Q301.Which form of the ergot alkaloids are especially important:
A. Levo
B. Dextro
C. Cis
D. Trans

Q302.Ergot contain large number of indole alkaloid ,Which are the derivatives of :
A. Lysergic acid
B. Benzoic acid
C. Cinnamic acid
D. Meconic acid

Q303.Ergometrine show ——configuration:
A. Levo
B. Dextro
C. Racemic Mixture
D. Trans

Q304.Which ergot alkaloid is water –s–uble :
A. Ergotamine
B. Ergosine
C. Engocristine
D. Ergometrine

Q305.Which is not the biological source of Cinchona :
A. Cinchona calisaya
B. Cinchona offcinalis
C. Cinchona Succirbra
D. Cinchona indica

Q306.Which drug is not belonging to family Liliaceae:
A. Aloe
B. Rauwolfia
C. Garlic
D. Shatavair

Q307.‘Thorn apple’ is the synonym for the drug:
A. Belladonna
B. Cinchona
C. Datura
D. Asafoetida

Q308.Which is the active chemical constituent obtained from Ipecac:
A. Cepaeline
B. Berberine
C. Hydrastine
D. Tropane

Q309.Government opium factory is situated in—–.
A. Izatnagar
B. Kasauli
C. Gazipur
D. Lucknow

Q310.Which chemical constituent is not naturally obtained from Opium:
A. Morphine
B. Codeine
C. Narcotine
D. Heroine

Q311.Which is not the use of Stramonium :
A. Anticholinergic
B. Miotic
C. Antiadrenergic
D. Contron of Motion sickness

Q312.Family of Ipecac is:
A. Rubiaceace
B. Polygonanceae
C. Solanaceae
D. Acantheceae

Q313.Nux vomica is not used as:
A. Respiratory stimulant
B. Bitter stomachic
C. Alcohol denaturant
D. Expectorant

Q314.The following drugs are ergot alkaloid ,expect:
A. Cabergoline
B. Ergometrine
C. Bromocriptine
D. Methysergide

Q315.Balsams of Tolu Contains mainly acids:
A. Acetic acid+Benzoic acid
B. Cinnamic acid+Hydrochloric acid
C. Benzoic acid +Sulphuric acid
D. Benzoic acid+Cinnamic acid

Q316.Flower bud of drug showing medicinal importance:
A. Saffron
B. Clove
C. Fig
D. Caraway

Q317.Tannins gives—– colour with iron compounds.
A. Pale yellow
B. Blue black
C. Light pink
D. Orange

Q318.Drug is used as antimalarial:
A. Ashwagandha
B. Tulsi
C. Ginseng
D. Artemesia

Q319.Drug is not used as expectorant:
A. Liquroice
B. Gokhru
C. Ipecacuanha
D. Vasaka

Q320.Drug is used as emetic:
A. Agar
B. Ispaghula
C. Ipecac
D. Banana

Q321.Drug is not used as anti–r—umatic:
A. Shatevari
B. Aconite
C. Colchicum
D. Guggul

Q322.Drug do not used as anticancer:
A. Podophyllum
B. Curare
C. Camptotheca
D. Taxus

Q323.—– is not used as CNS depressant.
A. Hyoscyamine
B. Belladonna
C. Coffee
D. Opium

Q324.—- is used as anticholinergic drug.
A. Ephedra
B. Physostigma
C. Pilocarpus
D. Belladonna

Q325.——can be detected by Keller –Killiani Test.
A. The aglycon of digitalis glycoside
B. The digitoxose (sugar)of dogitalis glycoside
C. Digitoxgenin
D. None of these

Q326.Which are the right test for the detection of cardio active glycoside?
A. Biuret Test
B. Baljet Reagent
C. Foam Test
D. Vanurk Test

Q327.What kind of compound can be detected by Mayer,s reagent:
A. Starches
B. Alkaloids
C. Glycosides
D. Resins

Q328. Alkaloids are naturally occurring compounds which contain —–in their molecules.
A. One or more N atom
B. Two heterocyclic rings
C. One or more N atoms originated from amino acids
D. All of above

Q329.Saponin containing drugs are used as—–.
A. Laxative
B. Bitter tonic
C. Expectorant
D. Emetic

Q330.What are known as balsams .
A. Resins dissolved in volatile oil
B. A mixture of volatile oils with sesquiterpenes
C. Resins dissolved in water
D. Polysacchairde mixed with volatile oil

Q331.Volatile oils are the complex mixture of —–
A. Mono and Sesquiterpenes as well as phenyl-propane derivatives
B. Mono and Diterpene alcohols and ethers
C. Sesquiterpene and other aromatic compounds
D. Monoterpene acids and lactones

Q332.Which test are used for detection of cardiac glycoside.
A. Borex test
B. Legal Test
C. Keris Test
D. Libermann buchard Test

Q333.Choose the right test for the identification of anthraquinone Glycoside.
A. Libermann- burchard Test
B. Brontrager Test
C. Murexide Test
D. Legal Test

Q334.Opium is used in the medicine as —-.
A. Tranquillant
B. Starting material for morphine production
C. Pain Killer
D. Laxative

Q335.What is Opium.
A. Dried Wateric extract of the riped capsule
B. Latex exudates od the unripe incised capsule after air dried
C. Conc. Alcoholic extract of poppy straw
D. Wateric extract of the riped seed

Q336.Cocaine is used as —–in the official medicine.
A. Narcotic
B. Emetic
C. local Anaesthetic
D. Cough Suppressant

Q337.Ergot is the —-of the fungus Claviceps purpurea.
A. Vegatative form
B. Dried Sclerotium
C. Ascopore
D. Conidospore

Q338.Alkaloid ——.
A. Contain Nitrogen
B. Have a bitter taste
C. Have a salty
D. Only a &b are correct

Q339.The most effective alkaloid treatment for malaria is quinine ,the active alkaloid in the bark of the—–.
A. Reuwolfia
B. Cinchona
C. Artemesia
D. Ephedra

Q340.Alkaloidal salt are soluble in —‘
A. Benzene
B. Acetone
C. Water
D. Chloroform

Q341.Which is not alkaloid?
A. Morphine
B. Neostigmine
C. Emetine
D. Atropine

Q342.Which is not the use of ergot:
A. Migraine
B. Laxative
C. Post partum Hemorrhage
D. Oxytocin

Q343.Deadly Nightshade is the synonym of the drug:
A. Cinchona
B. Belladonna
C. Digitalis
D. Opium

Q344.True alkaloids are always present in the plants as:
A. Salt of meconic acid
B. Salt of acetic acid
C. Salt of organic acid
D. Salt of inorganic acid

Q345.Example of pseudo alkaloid is:
A. Arecoline
B. Lobeline
C. Caffeine
D. Hygrine

Q346.Proto alkaloid are also called as:
A. True Alkaloid
B. Amino Alkaloid
C. Pseudo Alkaloid
D. Extra Alkaloid

Q347.Flower bud of following drug showing medicinal importance:
A. Caraway
B. Clove
C. Dill
D. Saffron

Q348.Tannins give which colour with iron compound?
A. Pale yellow
B. Light Pink
C. Orange
D. Blue black

Q349.Glycoside are condensation product of :
A. Suger+Aglycone
B. Protein+ Aglycone
C. Fats+Aglycone
D. Suger+Aglycone

Q350.Alkaloids are—–type of substance
A. Acid
B. Neutral
C. Chemical
D. Basic Nitrogenous