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Pharmacognosy (Part:-1) MCQs with answers


1. Ginko is not useful in
A) Asthma
B) Hepat it is/Diabetes
C) Dement ia
D) Inflammat ion

2. Forskolin of Coleus forskohlii is used in treatment of
A) Diabetes
B) Ulcers
C) Hepat it is
D) Heart disease

3. Callus culture can be easily init iated from following tissues of shoot, roots etc.
A) Sclerenchymatous
B) Collenchymatous
C) Parenchymatous
D) Fibrous

4. Swelling Index is used to determine amount of following in the crude drugs
A) Moisture
B) Volat ile oils
C) Crude fibres
D) Mucilage

5. Salicin on hydrolysis yields
A) Salicylic acid and glucose
B) Salicyl alcohol and glucose
C) Salicyclic acid and galactose
D) Salicyl alcohol and galactose

6. Vanilla belongs to family
A) Leguminosae
B) Asclepidaceae
C) Orchidaceae
D) Polypodiaceae

7. Alizarin is an important chemical constituent of
A) Madder
B) Cascara
C) Rhubarb
D) Cochineal

8. Sennosides A & B were first isolated in crystalline form by
A) Fairbairn
B) Lemli
C) Stoll
D) Tut in

9. Stomata present in Senna are following type
A) Anamocytic
B) Anisocytic
C) Paracytic
D) Diacytic

10. Trichomes with quadracellular head & sessible stalk are seen in
A) Digitalis
B) Belladona
C) Hyoscyamus
D) Vasaka

11. Crystal fibres are not present in
A) Licorice
B) Cinnamon
C) Cascara
D) Senna

12. Stone cells with three side lignin thickening are found in
A) Rauwolfia
B) Kantakari
C) Cascara
D) Cinnamon

13. Dog senna is obtained from
A) Cassia auriculata
B) Cassia senna
C) Cassia obovata
D) Cassia occidentalis

14. Outer surface of the bark has silverygrey patches and transversely elongated lenticels
A) Arjun
B) Cascara
C) Cinchona
D) Ceylon cinnamon

15 Rhamnus purshianus is growing in
A) America
B) Europe
C) India
D) Australia

16. In the microscopical study it shows stinecells & crystal fibres.
A) Cinchona
B) Licorice
C) Senna
D) Cascara

17. Star spots are found in
A) Rheum emodi
B) Rheum australe
C) Rheum officinalis
D) Rheum webbianum

18. Rosettes of Calcium oxalate crystals are found in
A) Senna
B) Rhubarb
C) Cinchona
D) Licorice

19. A spot of alcoholic solution on filter paper shows blue fluorescence in UV light in case of
A) Indian Rhubarb
B) Chinese Rhubarb
C) Rhapontic Rhubarb
D) Official rhubarb

20. Carminic acid is used as an important colorant and indicator is
A) A flavonoid glycoside
B) A volat ie compound
C) An arthraquinoe o-glycoside
D) An anthraquinone c-glycoside

21. Reticulate xylem vessels showing no reaction for lignin are found in
A) Rhubarb
B) Licorice
C) Rauwolfia
D) Ashwagandha

22. Flavonoids dissolve in alkalis gives colour?
A) Blue
B) Green
C) Yellow
D) Red

23. Compound commercially available in tablets and injection as potent coronary vasodilator is
A) Silymarin
B) Rut in
C) Xanthotoxin
D) Khellin

24. Geraniol is absent in volatile oil of
A) Dill
B) Rose
C) Geranium
D) Palmarosa

25. carvone is absent in volatile oil of
A) Carum carvi
B) Mentha spicata
C) Anethum graveolens
D) Mentha piperata

26. Endosperm of the fruits of Umbelliferae is characterised by presence following type of calcium oxalate crystals
A) Prisms
B) Microrosettes
C) Clusters
D) Microsphenoids

27. A small secretory canal above vascular bundle is seen in T.S. of
A) Fennel
B) Coriander
C) Caraway
D) Dill

28. Two lateral ridges are flattened to form wing like structure in case of
A) Caraway
B) Dill
C) Coriander
D) Fennel

29. There are only two vittae in each mericarp of
A) Coriander
B) Caraway
C) Dill
D) Anise

30. There are ten primary ridges which are wavy and inconspicuous on outer surface of
A) Dill
B) Caraway
C) Fennel
D) Coriander

31. Drug is dissolved in light petroleum and shaken with dilute copper acetate solution, petroleum layer becomes emarald green in colour; the drug is
A) Asafoetida
B) Colophony
C) Myrrh
D) Catechu

32. Abietic acid is a major constituent of colophony, it is
A) Monoterpene
B) Diterpene
C) Sesqiterpene
D) Triterpene

33. Following Pinus species growing in India is used for collect ion of oloresin
A) Pinus palustris
B) Pinus maritima
C) Pinus longifolia
D) Pinus radiata

34. Nutmeg obtained from Myristica fragrans is a
A) Seed
B) Fruit
C) Arillus
D) Kernel

35. Volatile oil derived from following of Acorus calamus variety is free from β- asarone
A) 2n
B) 3n
C) 4n
D) 5n

36. Natural camphor obtained from Cinnamon camphora is
A) Levorotatory
B) Dextrorotatory
C) Racemic
D) None of these

37. Pungency of ginger is destroyed by boiling 2 % solution of
A) Sodium carbonate
B) Hydrochloric acid
C) Potasium hydroxide
D) Acetic acid

38. Starch grains found in ginger are
A) Simple and round
B) Simple and sac shaped
C) Simple and polygonal
D) Compound

39. Removal of water from gingerol yields
A) Gingerone
B) Gingerdiol
C) Zingiberol
D) Shogaols

40. Coated ginger means, it is
A) Limed
B) Peeled
C) Unpeeled
D) Peeled and limed

41. The drug having very good antiemetic properties is
A) Fennel
B) Ginger
C) Turmeric
D) Coriander

42. Cardamom is a following type of fruit
A) Capsule
B) Drupe
C) Follicle
D) Berry

43. Cardamom belongs to family
A) Umbelliferae
B) Myrtaceae
C) Araceae
D) Zingiberaceae

44. Parenchymatous cells of perisperm of cardamom show following type of small ca-oxalate crystals
A) Cluster
B) Microrosette
C) Prism
D) Raphides

45. It is difficult to make fine powder of cardamon due to presence of
A) oil cells
B) Sclerenchymatous cells
C) Endosperm cells
D) Perisperm cells

46. Sandalwood oil is obtained from following part of Satalum album
A) Stem
B) Leaf
C) Sapwood
D) Heart wood

47.Sandalwood oil is mainly produced in
A) North India
B) South India
C) France
D) Australia

48. Surface of the drug is reddish-brown or reddish-yellow in colour and powdery
A) Asafoetida
B) Benzoin
C) Myrrh
D) Guggul

49. Combined umbelliferone test is positive in case of
A) Bdellium
B) Olibanum
C) Asafoetida
D) Myrrh

50 Drug consists of fusiform, napiform or irregularly oblong tubercle, 3-5 cm long, dark brwn, wrinkled with transverse lenticles
A) Ipomoea
B) Jalap
C) Black nishodh
D) White nishodh


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