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Pharmacognosy (Part:-2) MCQs with answers

Pharmacognocy (Part:- 1) MCQS with Answers

51. Fenugreek is widely used in traditional system of medicine, following activity/ activities are demostrated
A) Antidiabetic
B) Antiulcer
C) Cholesterol-lowering
D) All of above

52. Steroidal sapogenin hecogenin is
isolated from
A) Costus speciosus
B) Solanum khasianum
C) Agave sislana
D) Dioscorea tokoro

53. Ginseng is mainly used as
A) Diuretics
B) Antiinflammatory
C) Hepatoprotective
D) Adaptogenic

54. Panax ginseng is mainly produced in
A) Japan
B) Korea
C) India
D) U.S.A.

55. Sarsaparilla is mainly used in treatment of
A) Skin disease
B) Kidney stone
C) Diabetes
D) Constipation

56 Shape of quillaia bark is
A) Curved
B) Quilled
C) Flat
D) Recurved

57. Excessive consumption of liquorice leads to
A) Diarrhoea
B) Drowsiness
C) Dryness in mouth
D) Hypertension & hypokalaemic alkosis

58. Liquorice extract and glycyrrhetinic acid are useful in treatment of
A) Hypertension
B) Rheumatoid arthritis
C) Dementia
D) Skin disease

59. Flavonoid components of liquorice have fllowing property
A) Anti-ulcerogenic
B) Sweetening
C) Cardiatonic
D) Livertonic

60. Glycyrrhetinic acid is a following type of saponin
A) Steroidal
B) α-amyrin
C) Lupeol
D) β-amyrin

61. Transverse ridges are seen on the outer surface of liquorice
A) Stolon
B) Rhizome
C) Root
D) Stem

62. Bufadienolides are present in
A) Digitalis
B) Squill
C) Strophanthus
D) Thevetia

63. Digitalis leaves are dried
A) Under shade
B) At a temperature of about 60˚ C
C) In sunlight
D) At a temperature of about 100˚ C

64. M argin of digitalis leaf is
A) Entire
B) Serrate
C) Lobed
D) Crenate or dentate

65. Prisms of calcium oxalate crystals are present in
A) Digitalis lanata
B) Digitalis purpurea
C) Digitalis thapsi
D) Digitalis lutea

66. The cardiac glycoside on hydrolysis gives → digitoxigenin + Glucose-acetyl digitoxose-(digitoxose)2 the glycoside is
A) Purpurea glycoside A
B) Lanatoside A
C) Purpurea glycoside C
D) Lanatoside C

67. Leaves of Digitalis lanata are
A) Petiolate
B) Cordate
C) Ovate-lanceolate
D) Sessile

68. Cardiac glycoside are present in ?
A) Rhubarb
B) Calotropis
C) Trigonella
D) Costus

69. Oubain, a cardiac glycoside is present in
A) Nerium
B) Thevetia
C) Strophanthus
D) Convollaria

70. Deoxy-sugars are generally found attached with
A) Flavonoids
B) Anthraquinones
C) Cardiac glycosides
D) Biflavonoids

71. Percentage of citral content of lemon grass oil is
A) 3 to 4
B) 10 to 12
C) 50 to 60
D) 70 to 80

72. Lemon grass oil is mainly produced from Cymbopogon flexuosus in
A) South India
B) Guafemala
C) West Indies
D) Kenya

73. In India, menthol is mainly produced from oil of
A) M entha spicata
B) M entha arvensis
C) M entha piperata
D) M entha viridis

74. Citral is a suitable substance for synthesis of
A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D

75. Percentage of citral in lemon peel oil?
A) 1 %
B) 4 %
C) 50 %
D) 70 %

76. The colour shown by thick saction of bitter orange peel is
A) Red
B) Yellow
C) Dark green
D) Blue

77. Following part of Crocus sativus is
called as saffron,
A) Flower
B) Fruit
C) Stigma and upper part of style
D) Anther

78. Protocrocin is a precursor for taste,
odour and colour of the saffron, it is
A) Diterpene glycoside
B) Triterpene glycoside
C) Tetraterpene glycoside
D) Steroidal glycoside

79. Umbelliferrous fruits are
A) Drupes
B) Berry
C) Capsule
D) Schizocarps

80. The number of vittae in cremocarp of
fennel is
A) 2
B) 6
C) 10
D) 12

81. If Endosperm is concave on commissural surface, it is called as coelospermons fruit, eg. ?
A) Anise
B) Coriander
C) Hemlock
D) Dill

82. It is difficult to make powder of coriander due to presence of
A) Fixed oil
B) Vittae
C) Endosperm cells
D) Sclerenchymatous cells

83. Bud like odour of green plant is due
to trans-tridecene-(2)-al-(1), it is found in
A) Dill
B) Caraway
C) Coriander
D) Fennel

84. Anethole is sweet odourous
constituent of volatile oil of
A) Rose
B) Sandalwood
C) Lavender
D) Fennel

85. There are 20 to 40 small vittae on
dorsal surface of
A) Cumin
B) Caraway
C) Dill
D) Anise

86. Star Anise fruits belongs to family
A) Umbelliferae
B) M agnoliaceae
C) Labiatae
D) M yrtaceae

87) Jatamansi is used in
A) Hepatitis
B) Hysteria
C) Constipation
D) Alzmeir disease

88 Following types of calcium oxalate
crystals are found in the hypanthium of clove
A Rosettes
B Acicular
C Prisms
D Clusters

89 Eugenol is used for the synthesis of
A Vitamin C
B M enthol
C Vanillin
D Thymol

90 M ajor chemical constituent of volatile oil of Ocimum sanctum is
A Limonene
B Eugenol
C Sanalene
D M enthol

91 In higher doses nutmeg is toxic due to
A M yristicine
B Safrol
C Borniol
D Geraniol

92 M ace gives following colour with
alkali or sulphuric acide
A Red
B Blue
C Green
D Yellow

93 Valerian is used in
A Hysteria
B Insomnia
C Palpitation of Heart
D All of these

94 Indian valerian is considered superior to European because valepotriates are
A Two times more therapeutically active
B Three times more therapeutically active
C Four times more therapeutically active
D Six times more therapeutically active

95 Allicin is active upto following
dilution against pathogenic gram positive and gram negative bacteria
A 1:1000
B 1: 10000
C 1:100000
D 1:1000000

96 Garlic is useful in
A Diarrhoea
B Chronic bronchitis
C Dementia
D Vertigo

97 Pyrethrum is a contact poison for
A M osquitoes
B Flies
C Bugs
D All of these

98 Cantharidin is used in
A Hepatitis
B Hair tonic preparation
C Insomnia
D Constipation

99 Colophony is classified as
A Balsam
B Oleo-gum-resin
C Acid resin
D Gum-resin

100 Podophyllum belongs to family
A Asclepidacene
B Ranunculaceae
C Compositae
D Berbeidaceae