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Pharmacognosy (Part:- 12) MCQs with answers


51. Select the method used for the fixed vegetable oil-preparation of pharmacopoeial quality:

  1. A) solvent extraction.
  2. B) expression.
  3. C) cold-expression.
  4. D) steam distillation.

52. Quality control of medicinal plants is carried out by authority in Hungary:
A) National Pharmaceutical Institute.
B) Any institute for quality control.
C) Hungarian Bureau of Standards.
D) Research Institute for Medicinal Plants.

53. Which of the following vegetable drugs has the highest caffeine content?
A) Mate folium
B) Theae folium
C) Guarana
D) Coffeae semen

54. Which of the following cannabinoids is narcotic?
A) Cannabichromene
B) Tetrahydrocannabinol
C) Cannabigerol
D) Cannabinol

55. Select the vegetable drug which has the highest alkaloid content!
A) Chinae succirubrae cortex
B) Stramonii folium
C) Ipecacuanhae radix
D) Strychni semen

56. Which of the following constituents is not present in Aetheroleum chamomillae?
A) chamazulene
B) matricin
C) spatulenol
D) α-Bisabolol

57. Which of the following constituents is present in Clove?

  1. A) Eugenol
  2. B) Carvone
  3. C) Umbelliferone
  4. D) α-Bisabolol

58. Which of the followings is true for inulin?

  1. A) arabin
  2. B) pectin
  3. C) galaktane
  4. D) fructosane

59. Bitter wood is synonym of?
A. Neem
B. Nuxvomica
C. Quassia
D. All above

60. Which of the followings is correct for the molecular mass of tannins?
A) less than 200
B) between 200 and 500
C) between 500 and 1000
D) between 1000 and 3000
E) more than 3000

61. Which of the following vegetable drugs is carminative?
A) Frangulae cortex
B) Centaurii herba
C) Silybi mariani fructus
D) Foeniculi fructus

62. Which of the following vegetable drugs contains ajoene?
A) Valerianae radix
B) Agrimoniae herba
C) Echinaceae radix
D) Allii sativi bulbus

63. Which of the following plant constituents can be characterized by reversible complexation with proteins?
A) alkaloids
B) saponins
C) tannins
D) mucilages

64. Morphine content in Opium is:
A) less than 0.5 %.
B) between 0.5 and 1.0 %.
C) between 1.0 and 5 %.
D) between 10 and 15 %.

65. Which of the following vegetable drugs contains Curcumin?
A) Marrubii herba
B) Agrimoniae herba
C) Valerianae rhizoma and radix
D) Curcuma longa

66. Which of the following vegetable drugs is in the category of Indole alkaloids?
A) Catharanthus roseous
B) Cardui benedicti herba
C) Gentianae radix
D) Trifolii fibrini folium

67. Hide powder is used in the traditional method of tannin quantitation because …
A) hide powder gives a colour reaction with tannin
B) hide powder reacts with polyphenols.
C) hide powder reduces tannins.
D) hide powder reacts with tannins.

68. What type of compound is arbutin used in urological infections?
A) flavonoid glycoside
B) phenolic glycoside
C) furanocoumarin
D) iridoid glycoside

69. How can you extract tertiary alkaloids in the form of salts?
A) Extracting with organic solvent like chloroform.
B) Boiling with aqueous ammonia.
C) Extracting with organic solvent containing alkaline solution.
D) Extracting with an acidic aqueous solution.

70. Ginseng saponins are of the ……… series
A) lupine
B) ursane
C) abietane
D) dammarane

71. S- Glycoside present in?

  1. A) Podophyllotoxin
  2. B) taxifolin
  3. C) Sinigrin
  4. D) hyperoside

72. Choose the drugs which contain alkaloids derived from ornithine.
A) Hellebori rhizome
B) Henbane leaf
C) Cocae leaf
D) Ribes nigri leaf

73. Azadirachtin is present in a?

  1. A. Ashoka
  2. B. Aconite
  3. C. Henna
  4. D. Neem

74. The following properties are characteristic for saponins:
A) They give precipitate by shaking with water.
B) They are diterpenes.
C) They cause haemolysis on erythrocytes.
D) They give negative Keller-Kiliani test.

75. Which of the following properties are characteristic for tannins?
A) They give precipitate on alkaloids.
B) They give yellow or bluish-red color on iron-III-chloride.
C) They are 3-phenylbenzopyranederivatives.
D) They give pale pink precipitate on iodine.

76. Choose the anthraquinone containing drugs.
A) Betulae folium
B) Graminis rhizome
C) Rhei rhizome
D) Herniariae herba

77. Galenicals prepared from Cinchona bark are used as ………….. .
A) abortive
B) bitter tonic
C) stomachic
D) cough reliever

78. Pilocarpine the alkaloid of Jaborandi folium has?
A) antagonist effect of atropine
B) agonist effect of atropine
C) sedative effect
D) diuretic activity

79. Which of the following compounds are C-glycosides:
A) arbutin.
B) vitexin.
C) gentiopicrine.
D) hypericine.

80. Choose drugs containing purine derivatives.
A) Capsicum fuictus
B) Pasta guarana
C) Colae semen
D) Podophylum

81. Choose the alkaloids derived from tryptophan.
A) ephedrine
B) chinin
C) vinchrystin
D) tomatidenol

82. The alkaloids of Ipecacuanha root have…………………effect.

  1. A) expectorant
  2. B) pain killer
  3. C) sedative
  4. D) antipyretic

83. Opium is used in the medicine as…
A) tranquillant
B) starting material for morphine production
C) pain killer
D) laxative

84. In the typical alkaloids N atom(s) derived from amino acid is/are present:
A) in heterocyclic ring
B) as ammonium cation
C) as substituent of benzene ring
D) as substituent of pyrane ring

85. Choose the plant species which are steroid sources for Industry.

  1. A) Licorice species
  2. B) Dioscorea composite
  3. C) Smilax regelii
  4. D) Ipomea purge

86. Which are the most frequently occurring special sugars present in the cardioactive glycosides?
A) cymarose
B) apiose
C) xylose
D) fucose

87. Choose the drugs which contain no cardioactive compounds.
A) Thornapple leaf
B) Lily of the valley shoot
C) Oleandri folium
D) Foxglove leaf

88. The presence of alkaloid in plant material can be tested by the following reagents:
A) 3,-dinitrobenzoic acid in NaOH (Kedde reagent).
B) Potassium-mercury iodide solution (Mayer reagent).
C) 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazin solution.
D) aluminium trichloride in alcohol.

89. The alkaloids are grouped by the origin and position of nitrogen atom(s) as proto-, typical, and pseudo-alkaloids respectively. Choose the pseudoalkaloids from the followings:
A) protoveratrine B.
B) pilocarpine.
C) thebaine.
D) ergocornin.

90. Which statements are characteristic for the pentacyclic triterpenes from the followings?
A) They were formed of farnezylpyrophosphate.
B) In their structure(s) can be found usually unit(s) derived from loganine.
C) At the carbon atom number 3 of the base structure has rarely oxo and hydroxyl groups respectively.
D) They have usually low melting point.

91. The alkaloids are present in plants in the form of…………………….

  1. A) mineral salt
  2. B) free basis
  3. C) salt of organic acid
  4. D) lactones of organic acid

92. Choose the alkaloids derived from phenylalanine.

  1. A) tubocurarine
  2. B) toxiferin C
  3. C) theophyllin
  4. D) chinidine

93. Which ones are correct from the following statements concerning with Opium?
A) Opium is the dried latex obtained by incision from unripe capsule of Opium poppy.
B) Opium is the dried juice of the cutting leaves of Opium poppy.
C) Opium is the dried water extract of the shoot of Opium poppy.
D) Opium with good quality has 1.5 % morphine content.

94. Choose the right assay for determination of alkaloid content of drugs.
A) azeotropic distillation
B) photometry (in UV and visible light)
C) gravimetry
D) titration according to Volchard’s method

95. Choose of the following compounds which the Opium contains.

  1. A) chelidonin
  2. B) narceine
  3. C) hypericine
  4. D) heroin

96. Which are of the following drugs having high ascorbic acid content?
A) Hippopheae fruit
B) Manna
C) Agar
D) Galliae odorati herba

97. Which properties are characteristic for the starches?
A) They can be dissolved in cold water very well.
B) Starches form a jelly on boiling water.
C) Starches give blue or green product on mineral acids.
D) Starches contain amino acids in a large amount.

98. How to protect the drugs against the undesirable postmortal changing?
A) Dry the plant material so quickly as soon as possible.
B) Moistened the plant material with a calculated amount of water and keep it in a refrigerator.
C) The plants are stored at a cold place in covered container.
D) Put the plant material in a hermetically sealed container and kept it at room temperature.

99. Which is the right reagent for identification of Ergot alkaloids?
A) van Urk
B) Fehling I and II
C) iron-III-chloride
D) Phloroglucinol in HCl

100. Choose the type of chemical structure of loganin.
A) iridoid
B) labdan type diterpene
C) pseudoguaianolid
D) abietane