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Pharmacognosy (Part:-4) MCQs with answers


51. The example of pseudoalkaloid:
a) Caffeine
b) Hygrine
c) Arecoline
d) Lobeline

52. Which drug is not under the chemical class of indole?
a) Quinidine
b) Quinine
c) Atropine
d) Camptothecin

53. The ring structure present in strychnine:
a) Indole
b) Pyrrole
c) Pyridine
d) Piperidine

54. Drug is an example of amino alkaloid:
a) Ephedrine
b) Aconine
c) Caffeine
d) Theophylline

55. Deadly Nightshade is the synonym of the drug:
a) Datura
b) Belladonna
c) Cinchona
d) Coca

56. Family of the Vinka:
a) Rubiaceae
b) Solanaceae
c) Apocyanaceae
d) Erythroxylaceae

57. Which is not the use of Ergot?
a) Oxytocin
b) Prevent post-partum hemorrhage
c) Migraine
d) Laxative

58. Nux vomica is not used as:
a) CNS stimulant
b) Bitter stomachic
c) Tonic
d) Expectorant

59. Family of Ipecac is:
a) Rubiaceace
b) Theaceae
c) Solanceae
d) Acantheceae

60. Which is not the use of Stramonium?
a) Anticholinergic
b) Mydriatic
c) Control of Motion sickness
d) All of the above

61. CANCER TREE synonym of?
a) Cinchona
b) Aloe
c) Campotheca
d) Colophony

62. It is use in Rheumatism and sciatica?
a) Ephedrine
b) Aconitine
c) Caffeine
d) Colchicine

63. Which is NOT the chemical constituent naturally obtained from Opium?
a) Morphine
b) Codeine
c) Narcotine
d) Heroine

64. Which is the active chemical constituent obtained from Ipecac?
a) Cephaeline
b) Berberine
c) Hydrastine
d) Tropane


65. WINTER CHERRY synonym of?
a) Withania root
b) Cinchona
c) Kurchi
d) Stramonium

66. THORN APPLE LEAF’ is synonym of?
a) Nuxvomica
b) Cinchona
c) Datura
d) Stramonium

67. JESUIT BARK is synonym for drug?
a) Belladonna
b) Cinchona
c) Datura
d) Stramonium

68. YEW, TALISPATRA synonym for?
a) Taxus
b) Coloycynth
c) Acorus
d) Stramonium

69. BITTER APPLE synonym for?
a) Taxus
b) Coloycynth
c) Acorus
d) Stramonium

70. SWEET FLAG synonym for?
a) Taxus
b) Coloycynth
c) Acorus
d) Stramonium

71. LAWSONIA synonym for?
a) Taxus
b) Henna
c) Acorus
d) Garlic

72. LUCKEY NUT TREE synonym for?
a) Thevetia
b) Henna
c) Nutmegh
d) Walnut

73. DINKUM is synonym for?
a) Cinnamon
b) Chenopodium
c) Peppermint
d) Eucalyptous

74. RATTLESNAKE ROOT is synonym for?
a) Senega
b) Rauwolfia
c) Acorus
d) Stramonium

75. INDIAN SPIKE NARD is synonym for?
a) Senega
b) Rauwolfia
c) Jatamansi
d) Stramonium

76. ‘CROW FIG’ is the synonym for the drug:
a) Strychnous nux vomica
b) Rauwolfia sepentina
c) Rauwolfia densiflora
d) Rauwolfia vometoria

77. Which is not the biological source of Cinchona?
a) Cinchona calisaya
b) Cinchona officinalis
c) Cinchona succirubra
d) Cinchona indica

78. Which ergot alkaloid is water-soluble?
a) Ergotamine
b) Ergosine
c) Ergocristine
d) Ergometrine

79. Ergometrine alkaloid shows:
a) Laevo
b) Dextro
c) Racemic mixture
d) Trans

80. Ergot contains large number of indole alkaloids, which are the derivatives of:
a) Lysergic acid
b) Benzoic acid
c) Cinnamic acid
d) Meconic acid


81. Which forms of the ergot alkaloids are especially important?
a) Laevo
b) Dextro
c) Cis
d) Trans

82. How many pairs of alkaloid are present Ergot?
a) Five
b) Four
c) Three
d) Six

83. Ergot powder gives blue color with:
a) P-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
b) Benzaldehyde
c) Cinnamaldehyde
d) Formaldehyde

84. Van-Urk’s reagent chemically is:
a) P-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde
b) Benzoic acid+Cinnamic acid
c) P-dimethylbenzoic acid
d) Cinnamaldehyde

85. Ergometrine gives fluorescence in water?
a) Yellow
b) Green
c) Red
d) Blue

86. Nux vomica belongs to family:
a) Scrophulareaceae
b) Liliaceae
c) Apocyanaceae
d) Loganiaceae

87. One of the following microscopic characters not associated with Nux Vomica is:
a) Epidermis consist of lignified trichomes
b) Epidermis is followed by layer of collapsible cells
c) Endosperm shows presence of plasmodesma
d) Calcium oxalate crystal and starch grain are present

88. Lignified trichomes is characteristic of drug?
a) Catharanthus
b) Cassia angustifolia
c) Strychnous nux vomica
d) Digitalis purpurea

89. When the transverse section of nux vomica is treated with ammonium vanadate and sulphuric acid, the endospermic cells show purple colour, due to presence of:
a) Strychnine
b) Brucine
c) a-Coubrine
d) B-coubrine

90. When the transverse section of nux vomica is treated with nitric acid, it shows yellow colour due to presence of:
a) Strychnine
b) Brucine
c) a-Coubrine
d) B-coubrine

91. REVANDCHINI synonym for?
a) Taxus
b) Rhubarb
c) Acorus
d) Stramonium

92. The important chemical constituents of rauwolfia is:
a) Reserpine
b) Resercinnamine
c) Ajamalicine
d) Desperidine

93. Reserpine, when treated with solution of vanillin in acetic acid shows colour
a) Red
b) Green
c) Blue
d) Pink

94. Diacetyl derivative of morphine is:
a) Codeine
b) Heroin
c) Papaverine
d) Thebaine


95. The opium alkaloids are present in plant as salt of:
a) Benzoic acid
b) Tartaric acid
c) Meconic acid
d) Acetic acid

96. Opium when dissolved in water and filtrate is treated with ferric chloride solution, it shows_____colour:
a) Reddish purple
b) Green
c) Yellow
d) Orange

97. Which compound is showing the most potent analgesic property?
a) Heroin
b) Morphine
c) Codeine
d) Papaverine

98. Trukish opium is commonly known as:
a) Chemist opium
b) Druggist opium
c) Chinese opium
d) Chemist and druggist

99. IPECAC belongs to family:
a) Rubiaceae
b) Liliacaceae
c) Apocyanaceae
d) Rutaceae

100. Which is not the characteristic feature of alkaloid?
a) Complex molecular structure and nitrogen in the molecule
b) Basic in nature
c) Biosynthetically derived
d) Acidic in nature only