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Pharmacognosy (Part:-5) MCQs with answers


1. Stas-otta process is used for extraction of?
a) Glycosides
b) Alkaloids
c) Terpenoids
d) Resins

2. Senna mainly contains:
a) O-glycosides
b) N-glycosides
c) C-glycosides
d) S-glycosides

3. Senna leaf if under the class of glycoside:
a) Cardiac
b) Cyanogenic
c) Anthracene
d) Saponin

4. Which drug is under the chemical class of cyanogentic glycoside?
a) Bitter almond
b) Black mustard
c) Digitalis
d) Rhubarb

5. Drug under the class of isothiocyanate glycosides:
a) Black mustard
b) Senega
c) Thevetia
d) Aloe

5. Shatavari is under the chemical class of glycoside:
a) Sterol
b) Saponin
c) Cyanogentic
d) Isothiocyanate

6. Drug is not under the class of cardiac glycoside:
a) Digitalis
b) Thevetia
c) Indian squill
d) Bitter almond

7. The drug showing cardio tonic activity:
a) Thevetia
b) Cochineal
c) Rhubarb
d) Aloe

8. Which drug is used as diuretic?
a) Quillaia
b) Senega
c) Ginseng
d) Gokhru

9. The drug used as nerve tonic:
a) Brahmi
b) Mordica
c) Ginseng
d) Senega

10. The family of Gokhru:
a) Liliaceae
b) Cucurbitaceae
c) Zygophyllaceae
d) Araliaceae

11. Borntrager test is used for?
a) Senna
b) Aloe
c) Digitalis
d) Stropanthus

12. In kiung’s isobarbaloin test, Curacao aloes shows colour:
a) Yellow
b) Blue
c) Wine red
d) Green

13. In klung’s isobarbaloin test, Socotrine and Zanziber aloes show colour:
a) Red
b) Faint yellow
c) Green
d) No colouration

13. Alcoholic extract of aloe under UV light gives colour:
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Deep brown
d) Pink

14. The substitute for aloes:
a) Cape aloes
b) Socotrine aloes
c) Curacao aloes
d) Natal aloes

15. The biological source for cape aloes:
a) Curacao aloes
b) Socotrine aloes
c) Aloe ferrox
d) Zanziber aloes

16. Saponin glycoside shows one of the following property:
a) Laxative
b) Anticonvulsant
c) Foaming
d) Astringent

17. Out of the following, one is not the example of Cardinolide:
a) Digitoxin
b) Digoxin
c) Gitoxigenin
d) Scillarin A

18. The biological source for Dioscoria:
a) Dioscoria deltoid
b) Dioscoria floribunda
c) Dioscoria villosa
d) Dioscorea compositae

19. Yam is the synonym of the drug:
a) Stropanthus
b) Dioscoria
c) Safed musali
d) Liquorice

20. Dioscoria is used in the treatment of?
a) Ulcer
b) Cancer
c) Rheumatic arthritis
d) Kidney stone

21. Which is not the synonym of Liquorice?
a) Glycyrrhiza
b) Liquorice root
c) Mulethi
d) Yam

22. Liquorice belongs to family:
a) Liliaceae
b) Triterpenoid
c) Loganaceae
d) Leguminosae

23. Glycyrrhizinic acid on hydrolysis gives?
a) Glycyrrhetic acid
b) Glycyrrhizin
c) Liquiritin
d) Isoliquiritin

24. Liquorice is used in the treatment of?
a) Conjuctivitis
b) Peptic ulcer
c) Allergy
d) Skin disease

25. When glycyrrhiza is treated with 80% sulphuric acid, then it shows colour:
a) Yellow
b) Red
c) Green
d) Violet

26. Rhubarb is cultivated mainly in
a) J and K
b) Madhya Pradesh
c) Maharashtra
d) Bengal

27. Rhubarb when treated with alkali, shows red colour due to presence of:
a) Anthroquionoe glycoside
b) Cardiac glycoside
c) Sapogenin glycoside
d) Cyanogenic glycoside

28. Keller kiliani test is positive for:
a) Digitoxose
b) Gitoxose
c) Gigitoxigenin
d) Gitoxigenin

29. Presence of star spots is the characteristic of drug:
a) Cascara
b) Senna
c) Aloe
d) Rhubarb

30. Modified Borntroger test is positive for drug:
a) Aloe
b) Senna
c) Digitalis
d) Senna pod

31. Botanical source of Arjuna bark:
a) Terminalis tamentosa
b) Polygala chinesis
c) Poligala erioptera
d) Terminalis Arjuna

32. Presence of aleurone grain is the characteristic of the drug:
a) Belladonna
b) Nux vomica
c) Hyoscyamus
d) Vinca

33. Drug with the presence of plasmodesma:
a) Nux vomica
b) Rauwolfia
c) Vinca rosea
d) Phsysostigma

34. Digitalis leaves should be dried at temperature below:
a) 20 C
b) 30 C
c) 40 C
d) 60 C

35. Vein-islet no. is Indian senna is in the range of:
a) 10.5 to 12.5
b) 13.5 to 16.5
c) 16.5 to 18.0
d) 19.5 to 22.5

36. Stomatal Index in Indian senna is in the range of:
a) 17 to 20
b) 20 to 23
c) 23 to 26
d) 26 to 29

37. Palisade ratio in Alexandrian senna is:
a) 7 b) 10
c) 13 d) 16

38. Vein- islet no. in Alexandrian senna is in the range of:
a) 10 to 15.5
b) 16 to 20.5
c) 25 to 29.5
d) 20 to 24.5

39. In the patient with deficiency of vitamin A, which oil capsules you will suggest?
a) Shark liver oil
b) Mustard oil
c) Arachis oil
d) Linseed oil

40. Which of the following oil is used as vehicle of oily injectable?
a) Arachis oil
b) Linseed oil
c) Castor oil
d) Jojoba oil

41. Oil is having antileprotic property:
a) Linseed oil
b) Jojoba oil
c) Chaulmoogra oil
d) Corn oil

42. The oil is not used as vehicle for injectables:
a) Arachis oil
b) Olive oil
c) Sesame oil
d) Corn oil

43. Oil is showing laxative property:
a) Arachis oil
b) Sesame oil
c) Castor oil
d) Corn oil

44. The test not used as an analytical parameter for oil:
a) Acetyl value
b) Acid value
c) Hydroxyl value
d) Ketone value

45. Acid value is defined as:
a) Number of milligram of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize one gram of fat or oil
b) Number of gram of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize one gram of fat or oil
c) Number of Kilogram of potassium hydroxide required to neutralize one gram of fat or oil
d) Number of ml of potassium hydroxide (5N) required to neutralize one gram of fat or oil

46. Oil generally lowers the blood cholesterol level?
a) Arachis oil
b) Castor oil
c) Neem oil
d) Corn oil

47. Terpenes made up of:
a) Calcierene
b) Pseudopriene
c) Neoprene
d) Isoprene

48. Molecular formula for isoprene unit?
a) C8 H8
b) C3 H8
c) C5 H8
d) C6 H6

49. Example of alcohol volatile oil:
a) Peppermint
b) Cinnamon
c) Lemon peel
d) Orange peel

50. Which is not an example of ester volatile oil?
a) Gaultheria
b) Lavender
c) Muster
d) Cinnamon


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