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Pharmacognosy (Part:-7) MCQs with answers


Q.1 when uric acid is treated with alkaline pottasium permagnate (vigrous oxidation) then the resulted product will be
a) Alloxane
b) Allantoin
c) Hydantion
d) Isoalloxazine

Q.2 Tropinne – tropinone – tropinic acid – A. This reaction shows the oxidation of tropine with chromic acid and sulphuric acid what will be the end product ‘
a) N-methyl succinamide
b) N-ethyl succinamide
c) Tropic acid
d) Atropic acid

Q.3 Papaverine is treated with a reagent A to obtain papaverinol (Secondary Alcohal) this is further oxidised to ketone. What will be A
a) Alkaline KMNO4
b) CrO3
c) Cold dil. KMNO4
d) H2SO4

Q.4 what is the source of Safflower?
a) Olea europoea
b) Hydanocapus wighiana
c) Pongamia glabra
d) Carthamus tinctorius

Q.5 Linum usitatissimum is source of one of the following
a) Fenugreek
b) Castor oil
c) Linseed
d) Petrocarpus

Q.6 which one of the following is not an Umbelliferous fruit
a) Coriander
b) Carum Carvi
c) Dill
d) Clove

Q.7 Trichomes having fallen or been rubbed off leaving a scar are known as
a) Stomata
b) Cicatrix
c) Mesophyll
d) Rhytidomes

Q.8 Nux vomica is identified by the following given test
a) Fluoroscence test
b) Keller killiani test
c) Borntrager’s test
d) Mayer’s test

Q.9 Acyclic monoterpenoids is
a) Farnesol
b) Carvone
c) Camphor
d) Citranellol

Q.10 Carvone is classified as
a) Acyclic monoterpenoids
b) Monocyclic monoterpenoids
c) Bicyclic monoterpenoids
d) Sesquitepenoid

Q.11 Visnaga consists of dried ripe fruits of Ammi visnaga Linn. Belongs to family Umbelliferae. The chief constituent is
a) Coumarin
b) Khellin
c) Xanthotoxin
d) Psoralen

Q.12 Buck Wheat mainly contains rutin that is obtained from
a) Fagopyrum esculentum
b) Dipteryx odorata
c) Silybum marianum
d) Gingko

Q.13 the dried fruits of Pedalium murex are known as
a) Chhota gokharu
b) Karela
c) Bara gokharu
d) Senega

Q.14 the dried roots and rootstocks of Polygala Senega or Polygala Senega var. latifolia Torret Gray, Mainly consists of
a) Cardiac Glycosides
b) Bitter Glycosides
c) Anthracene Glycosides
d) Saponin Glycosids

Q.15 Karela consists of fresh green fruits of the plant known as Momordica charantia Linn. Belongs to family Cucurbitaceae is mainly used as
a) Hyperglycemic
b) Hypoglycemic
c) Immunomodulator
d) Immunosuppresant

Q.16 Anabasine is alkaloid that is biosynthesized by basic amino acid
a) Orinithine
b) Citrulline
c) Lysine
d) Arginine

Q.17 Alloploids are polyploids derived from
a) A single parental species genome
b) More than one parental species genomes
c) a plant with haploid number of chromosomes
d) A plant with diploid number of Chromosomes

Q.18 In case of Digitalis purpurea, the cardiac activity is maximum with
a) Odoroside-H
b) Digoxin
c) Digitoxin
d) Purpurea glycoside A

Q.19 Dragendorff’s reagent does not give positive test with
a) Emetine
b) Morphine
c) Theophylline
d) Codeine

Q.20 In some plants the somatic chromosome number varies irregularly within wide limit is known as
a) Autoploids
b) Alloploids
c) Polyploidy
d) Aneuploids

Q.21 Chromosomes can be grouped not in pairs but in three, four or higher numbers is
a) Autoploids
b) Alloploids
c) Polyploidy
d) Aneuploids

Q.22 3β, 14β, 16β-trihydroxyl cardenolide is
a) Gitoxigenin
b) Digitoxigenin
c) Digoxigenin
d) Ouabagenin

Q.23 when a thin section is treated with Tincture alkana-red colour is produced by
a) Cellulose walls
b) Lignified walls
c) Suberized and cutinized walls (Fixed oil and fats)
d) Micillaginious walls

Q.24 when a thin section is treated with Chlorzinc- iodine- blue colour is produced by
a) Cellulose walls (true Cellulose)
b) Lignified walls
c) Suberized and cutinized walls
d) Micillaginious walls

Q.25 Choose the characteristic of the epidermal cells & cuticle of Atropa belladonna leaf:
a) Pitted walls with striated cuticles
b) Wavy walls with striated cuticles
c) Algal cell walls with smooth cuticles
d) Straight walls with wavy cuticles

Q.26 The ring structure present in the codeine alkaloid. Identify
a) Phenanthrene
b) Indole
c) Quinoline
d) Iso-quinoline

Q.27 Wider phloem fibres, largerstarch grains, longer fibres and abundant cork are Charachateristic of
a) Cinchona succiubra
b) Cinnamomum zeyanicum
c) Cinnamomum cassia
d) Hoarrhena antidysenterica

Q.28 heavily lignified phloem fibres with Y-shaped pits, secretory canals, microcrystals of calcium oxalate are diagnostic microscopical Characters of
a) Kurchi
b) Cascara
c) Cinnamon
d) Cinchona

Q.29 which one of the following is bicyclic monoterpenoids?
a) Limonine
b) Carvone
c) Fenchone
d) Menthone

Q.30 Arecoline is used in Alzhiemer’s disease & is obtained from one of the following
a) Calabar bean
b) Crow fig Seed
c) Hemlock
d) Betel nut

Q.31 Ranunculaceous or irregularcelled type of stomata is present in
a) Atropa belladonna leaves
b) Cassia acutifolia leaves
c) Cassia auriculata leaves
d) Digitalis purpurea leaves

Q.32 what happens when a transverse section of clove bud is treated with strong potassium hydroxide solution and examined under microscope?
A) Needle shaped crystals of potassium euginate are observed
b) Microcrystals of potassium euginate are observed
c) Prismatic crystals of potassium euginate are observed
d) Crystal Sheath of potassium euginate is observed

Q. 33 which of the following Phytoconstituent is used as adaptogenic and tonic?

Q.34 Ellipsoidal Schizo-lysigenous oil gland is diagnostic microscopical character of
a) Fennel
b) Clove
c) Coriander
d) Caraway

Q.35 the brown seed of nutmeg is surrounded by crimson reticulate…..which is stripped off and dried to form mace.
a) Aril
b) Hypanthium
c) Lichen
d) Hydanthodes

Q.36 Dragendorff’s reagent used in testing alkaloids is chemically
a) Potassium mercuric iodide
b) Potassium bismuth iodide
c) Picric acid
d) Iodine in Potassium iodide

Q.37 Resinous mixtures that contain large proportions of benzoic acid, cinnamic acid, salicylic acid or esters of these acids are known as
a) Tannins
b) Resins
c) Mucilage
d) Balsam

Q.38 Purified native hydrated aluminium silicate free from gritty particles is known as
a) Kaolin
b) Kieselguhr
c) Calamine
d) Talc

Q.39 which one of the following is Umbelliferous plant?
a) Cinnamon
b) Cardamom
c) Capsiacum
d) Ajowan

Q.40 one of the following hormones used as growth inhibitor
a) Kinetin
b) Gibberellic acid
c) IAA
d) Abscisic acid

Q.41 Plant protoplasts which can be maintained in culture and can be induced to fuse either with others of the same or different species
a) Somatic embryogenesis
b) Callus formation
c) Suspension cell culture
d) None

Q.42 Chief Carbohydrate from macrocystis pyrifera is
a) Agar
b) Carageenan
c) Tragacanth
d) Algin and alginic acid

Q.43 Powdered endosperm of Cyamopsis tetragonolobus is classified as…..gum.
a) Seaweed
b) Plant exudate
c) Seed
d) Plant extract

Q.44 which one of the following is not source of plant exudates gum
a) Astragalus’s gummier
b) Chondrus cripsus
c) Anogeissus latifolia
D) Sterculia urens

Q.45 Amentoflavone is of wide distribution, e.g. species of Gingko, Hypericum and Rhus classified as
a) Bioflavonoid

b) Flavanoid
c) Xanthonid

d) Isoflavonoid

Q.46 3, 5, 7, 4’-tetrahydroxy flavonol is chemical name of….that is obtained from Senna
a) Butin
b) Luteolin
c) Fisetin
d) Kaempferol

Q.47 what reaction/test you would perform to prove steroidal ring in cholesterol?
a) Murexide
b) Dragendorff’s test
c) Liebermann Burchard reaction
d) None

Q.48 Belladonna herb is adulterated with leaves of the followings except
a) Duboisia myoporoide
b) Phytolacca Americana
c) Solanum nigrum
d) Ailanthus glandulosa

Q.49 Rauwolfia serpentina is found to be substituted by other species except
a) R. densiflora
b) Pausinystalia yohimba
c) R. vomitoria
d) R. tetraphylla

Q.50 Nux vomica consists of dried ripe seeds of Strychnos nuxvomica Linn. Family loganiaceae. It contains
a) Conessine
b) Vasicine
c) Vomicine
d) Hyoscine


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