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Pharmacognosy (Part:-8) MCQs with answers


Q.51 Aluminium magnesium silicate (non-plastic) is known as
a) Asbestos
b) Fuller’s earth
c) Diatomaceous-earth
d) Bentonite

Q.52 Natural camphor is
a) An optically inactive Aldehyde obtained from Cinnamomum camphora
b) A white dextrorotatory ketone obtained from the wood of Cinnamomum camphora
c) A white optically inactive ketone obtained from the bark of Cinnamomum camphora
d) A white volatile Aldehyde obtained from the bark of Cinnamomum camphora

Q.53 what is biological source of Umbelliferous fruit obtained from the Dill
a) Anethum graveoleus
b) Foeniculum vulgere
c) Carum carvi
d) Coriandrum sativum

Q.54 Scillarenin is active constituent obtained from bulb of
a) Holarrhena antidysentrica
b) Cymbopogen flexuosus
c) Linum usitatissimum
d) Urginea indica

Q.55 Cathranthus roseus contains 2 alkaloids which are effective in the treatment of Neoplastic agent, they are
a) Strychnine & brucine
b) Morphine & codeine
c) Vincristine & vinblastine
d) None

Q.56 Myrobalan consists of dried ripe fruits of Terminalia chebula and it contains
a) Condensed tannins
b) Hydrolysable tannins
c) Phlobatannins
d) non-hydrolysable tannins

Q.57 The peppermint oil is obtained by steam distillation of the fresh flowering tops of Mentha piperita Linn. Belongs to family Labiatae. The chief constituent is
a) (+) Limonine
b) (-) Methanol
c) (+) Methanol
d) (-) Limonine

Q.58 Digitalis leaves gives positive…………..for digitoxose
a) Fluorescence
b) Keller Killiani’test
c) Borntrager’s test
d) Mayer’s test

Q.59 Carvone is chief constituent of one of the Umbelliferous fruit obtained from the
a) Pimienella anisum
b) Foeniculum vulgere
c) Carum carvi
d) Coriandrum sativum

Q.60 which of the following is not the source of fixed oils?
a) Linum usitatissimum
b) Sesamum indicum
c) Carthamus tinctorius
d) Picrasma excelsa

Q.61 Reserpine on hydrolysis gives
a) Reserpic acid + Methyl alcohol + Trimethoxy Cinnamic acid
b) Reserpic acid + Acetic acid + Trimethoxy Benzaldehyde
c) Reserpic acid + Methyl alcohol + Trimethoxy Benzoic acid
d) Reserpic acid + Methyl alcohol + Trimethoxy Cinnamaldehyde

Q.62 Alkaloid in cinchona bark are detected by
a) Iodine test
b) Thalloquin test
c) Liebermann-Burchard test
d) Nessler’s test

Q.63 Safrole and Myristicin are the active constituents of dried kernel of seed of
a) Cephaelis Ipecacuanha
b) Papaver somniferum
c) Cascara sagrada
d) Myristica fragrans

Q.64 an exudate from the leaves of the Brazilian wax-palm tree Copernicia prunifera is
a) Carnuaba wax

b) yellow bees wax
c) Hydrous wool fat

d) Lanolin

Q.65 Peroxidase enzyme present in acacia is identified by:
a) Borntrager’s test
b) Molish’s test
c) Oxidation and excretion in benzene
d) Oxidation and treatment with benzidine

Q.66 The sugar moiety of Digitalis purpurea is:
a) 2, 6-deoxy allose
b) 2, 6-deoxy glucose
c) 2-deoxy Rhamanose
d) 2, 6-deoxy galactose

Q.67 A fixed oil having more of unsaturated fatty acid glyceride is identified by
a) Total ash value
b) Cineole content
c) Fibre length
d) Iodine value

Q.68 Fibre length is analytical constant for the identification of
a) A leafy drug
b) A bark
c) A Seed
d) A Mucilage

Q.69 Castor oil is present in
a) Atropa belladonna
b) Papaver somniferum
c) Ricinus communis
d) Solanum nigrum

Q.70 Emodine is active constituent of
a) Urginea maritime
b) Rheum Palmatum
c) Myristica fragrans
d) Claviceps purpurea

Q.71 Vincristine and vinblastine act by
a) Binding with the protein tubulin and arrest at metaphase
b) Inhibiting the protein synthesis
c) Acting as antometabolite
d) Inhibiting the enzyme system

Q.72 Microscopical examination of the testa shows mucilage-containing outer epidermis is characteristic of
a) Rapeseed oil
b) Hydnocarpus oil
c) Linseed oil
d) Cotton seed oil

Q.73 One of the following constituent contains glucosinolate glycoside
a) Sinigrin
b) Prunasin
c) Barbalion
d) Visnagin

Q.74 Alkaloidal contents present in Rauwolfia serpentina is
a) 1.8-5.3 %
b) 0.7-2.5 %
c) 0.7-1.5%
d) 0.3-0.6%

Q.75 certain of the cells of the spongy Mesophyll are filled with microsphenoidal (sandy) Crystals of calcium oxalate is characteristic of
a) Rauwolfia sepentina
b) Cinchona calisaya
c) Erythroxylon coca
d) Atropa belladonna

Q.76 the milk thistles of Silybum marianum (Compositae) is mainly used as
a) Antineoplstic
b) Antibacterial
c) Hepetoprotective
d) Hypoglycemic

Q.77 (-) epicatechin which is contained in the bark of the tree Pterocarpus marsupium shows
a) Hypoglycemic activity
b) Hepetoprotective activity
c) Antimalarial activity
d) None

Q.78 Picrocrosin that is obtained from stigma of Crocus sativum on hydrolysis yields
a) Glucose + Safrole
b) Gentibiose + Safrole
c) Glucose + Safranal
d) Gentibiose

Q.79 Conessine is obtained the bark of Kurchi and useful in
a) Malaria
b) Amoebic dysentery
c) Diabetes
d) Cancer

Q.80 Artemisinin is isolated from Chinese plant………and contains sesquiterpene
a) Artemisia annua
b) Cryptolepsis sanguinolenta
c) Cephaelis Ipecacuanha
d) None

Q.81 The water soluble irinotecan is used for the treatment of ovarian cancer and inhibits
a) Topoisomerase I
b) Topoisomerase II
c) Polymerization of mitotic spindle
d) Depolymerisation of mitotic spindle

Q.82 10- deacetylbaccatin III is isolated from bark of…… and is diterpenoid
a) Taxus brevifolia
b) Taxus baccata
c) Taxus candensis
d) Taxus indicum

Q.83 Alkaloids which are derived from dihydroxyphenylalanine and dopamine
a) Emetine & Colchicine
b) Ephedrine & Mescaline
c) Coniine & Lobeline
d) Strychnine

Q.84 The chief constituent in Pimpinella anisum is
a) Fenchone
b) Thymol
c) Anethole
d) Eugenol

Q.85 Cloves are the dried flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum and contain volatile oil
a) 5-15%
b) 14-21%
c) 2-3%
d) 3-7%

Q.86 Mucilage shows color reaction with ruthenium red
a) Yellow
b) Green
c) Blue
d) Pink

Q.87 The swelling factor of Isapgol husk is
a) 8-11
b) 3-8
c) 2-7
d) 10-14

Q.88 Ergot under UV light gives…….fluorescence in water due to ergometrine
a) Blue
b) Red
c) Green
d) Yellow

Q.89 Goldbeater’s skin test is used for detection of
a) Resin
b) Chitin
c) Pectin
d) Tannin

Q.90 which one of the following contains antidiabetic activity
a) Andrographys paniculata
b) Swertia chirata
c) Gymnema sylvestre
d) Picrorrhiza kurroa

Q.91Van Urk’s reagent gives blue color with Indole alkaloid. What is its chemical name?
a) Potassium bismuth iodide
b) p-dimethyl amino Benzaldehyde
c) Potassium mercuric iodide
d) Potassium ferricyanate

Q.92 Anhydrous form of gingerol is known as
a) Zingiberol
b) Curcumene
c) Shogaol
d) Gingerdiol

Q.93 When umbellic acid (Ferula foetida) is boiled with hydrochloric acid and filtered into Ammonia, a blue fluorescence is produced owing to formation of
a) Ferulic acid
b) Umbelliferone
c) Galbanum
d) Chebulic acid

Q.94 The pungent principle of Capsicum annuum is due to capsaicin & the pungency is destroyed by treatment with
a) Oxidation with potassium dichromate
b) 2% potassium hydroxide
c) 2% sodium hydroxide
d) 2% hydrochloric acid

Q.95 Stas Ottao method is used for extraction of
a) Volatile oil
b) Alkaloid
c) Glycoside
d) Resin

Q.96 Strophiole or enlarged funical is special structure of
a) Cardamom
b) Nutmeg (mace)
c) Stropanthus
d) Colchicum seed

Q.97 Morphine on treatment with potassium ferricyanide in presence of acid gives
a) Yellow color
b) Bluish green color
c) Deep red
d) Deep voilet

Q.98 Palthe senna is identified with
a) Absence of anthraquinone glycoside
b) Lamina is denser
c) Presence of anthraquinone glycoside
d) with tapering apex

Q.99 Barbalion is type of
a) O-Glycoside
b) C-Glycoside
c) S-Glycoside
d) N-Glycoside

Q.100 Clove stalk are used to adulterate the powdered clove and are detected by
a) Presence of starch
b) Presence of isodiametric sclereids and prism of calcium oxalate
c) Float on water
d) Expanded flower generally get detached