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Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry I MCQs With Answer

1. De Materia Medica was written by
A. Aristotle
B. Elder
C. Dioscorides
D. Hippocrates

2. The Father of medicines is
A. Pedanius Dioscorides
B. Hippocrates
C. Theophratus
D. Aristotle

3. The German scientist who coined word “Pharmacognosy” in his work title
“Analectica Pharmacognostica” in 1815
A. C.A. seydler
B. Theophratus
C. Carls Linnaeus
D. Joseph Hooker

4. Oldest written document based on Ayurveda
A. Materia Medica
B. Papyrus Ebers
C. Charaka Samhita
D. Sushruta Samhita

5. Which of the following is not an unorganized drug?
A. Acacia
B. Beeswax
C. Opium
D. Senna

6. Swelling index is used to determine the quality and purity of crude drug containing
A. Volatile oil
B. Resin
C. Mucilage
D. Protein

7. Animal originated crude drug
A. Wool fat
B. Opium
C. Papain
D. Acacia

8. Which of the following is physical evaluation parameter of crude drug?
A. Ash value
B. Extractive value
C. Moisture content
D. All of the above

9. When totally different substance is used in place of the original drug is called
A. Substitution
B. Deterioration
C. Admixture
D. Sophistication

10. Deliberate addition of inferior or spurious material to the original drug
A. Substitution
B. Inferiority
C. Admixture
D. Sophistication

11. Which of the following is not the cause of indirect adulteration
A. Faulty collection
B. Imperfect preparation
C. Improper storage
D. Sophistication

12. Greek pharmacist who first time described the extraction methods of chemical
constituent from plant
A. Dioscorides
B. Pliny de elder
C. Theophratus
D. Galen

13. Oldest written document of china written by Shen nung around 3000 BC.
A. Papyrus ebers
B. Charak Samhita
C. Pen-tsao
D. None

14. Constant numbers of spore present in 1 mg Lycopodium powder.
A. 9400
B. 94000
C. 9500
D. 9500

15. Moisture content of volatile oil containing drug is determined by
A. Loss on drying method
B. Toluene distillation method
C. Karl Fischer method
D. All of the above

16. Ash value of the drug determine the
A. Organic constituent
B. Primary metabolite
C. Inorganic constituent
D. Secondary metabolite

17. Instrument used for tracing object in magnified image form under microscope
A. Refratomreter
B. Potentiometer
C. Camera Lucida
D. Micrometer

18. An example of crude drug adulterated with exhausted drug
A. Senna
B. Liquorice
C. Clove
D. Bees wax

19. Method used to measure the effect of a chemical substance on a living organism
A. Biotransformation
B. Limit test
C. Chemical assay
D. Bioassay

20. Classification of drug based on the chemical similarity of a taxon
A. Chemical classification
B. Taxonomical classification
C. Sero-taxonomical classification
D. Chemo-taxonomical classification


1). C , 2). B , 3). A , 4). C , 5). D , 6). C , 7). A , 8). D , 9) A , 10). D , 11). D , 12). D , 13). C , 14). B , 15). B , 16). C , 17). C , 18). C , 19). D , 20). D