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pharmacyPharmacy Exams


Introduction of medicinal chemistry

???? Enlist Physiochemical Properties of Drug Molecules that influencing Biological activity & Describe hydrogen bonding, Partition Coefficient, Solubility, Complexation & Protein Binding, Define Bioisostrerism.

???? Discuss classification & application with example

???? Justify stereochemistry of Drug Molecule influence the biological activity.

Drug acting Autonomic nervous system

???? Detail note on Sympathomimetic agents & SAR of Sympathomimetic agents

???? Detail note on Adrenergic Antagonists and synthesis of propranolol

???? Detail note on SAR of beta blockers

Synthesis of following drugs……Phenylephrine , Salbutamol, Tolazoline, Propranolol

Cholinergic neurotransmitters

???? Define and classify cholinergic agents. What are cholinesterase inhibitors? SAR of B-
phenylethanolamine or SAR of cholinolytic agents

???? What are Parasympathomimetics? Classify them with suitable examples.

???? Synthesis of following drugs……Carbachol, Neostigmine, Ipratropium bromide, Dicyclomine hydrochloride , Procyclidine hydrochloride

Drug acting on central nervous system

(sedative & hypnotic, antipyscotic, anticonvoulsant)

???? Explain in detail SAR of barbiturate

Synthesis of following drugs :Diazepam, Barbital, Chlorpromazine hydrochloride, Phenytoin, Ethosuximide

???? What are antipsychotic agents? Classify them with examples. Discuss the SAR of phenothiazines

???? Define sedatives and hypnotics. Classify with examples.

???? Explain in detail SAR of Anticonvoulsants
What is Psychoses? Explain SAR of Phenothiazines

???? Explain in detail SAR of Benzodiazepines


Drug acting on central nervous system

(general anasthetics, narcotic and non narcotic analgegics, narcotic antagonist, anti inflammatory agents)

???? Synthesis of following drugs : Halothane, Methohexital sodium, Ketamine hydrochloride, Fentanyl citrate, Methadone hydrochloride, Mefenamic acid, Ibuprofen

???? Explain stages of anesthesia with classification of Inhalation anesthetics.

???? Write note on general anaesthetics.

???? What are NSAIDs? Classify them with two examples of each class. Write the synthesis of

???? Difference between Opiod and Non-Opioid analgesics.

???? Write synthesis of one non steroidal NSAID having one chiral center

???? What are Analgesics? Write SAR and mode of action of morphine