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Pharmacology 3 Notes/ MCQs / PPT / PDF

Pharmacology 3 Hand Written Notes

No.ChapterPublish ByClick link
1.Pharmacology 3 (Unit:-1)Mihir JesurClick Hear
2.Drugs for constipation and diarrhoea (Unit:- 2)Mihir Jesur Click Hear
3.Emetics and anti-emetics (Unit:- 2)Mihir Jesur Click Hear
4.Chemotherapy (Unit:-4)Mihir Jesur Click Hear
5.Immunopharmacology (Unit:- 5)Mihir Jesur Click Hear
6.Chronopharmacology (Unit:-7)Mihir Jesur Click Hear
7.Pharmacology 3 (Unit:-1)Dimple Patel Click Hear
8.Pharmacology 3 (Unit:-2)Dimple Patel Click Hear
9.Pharmacology 3 (Unit:-3)Dimple Patel Click Hear
10.Pharmacology 3 (Unit:-4)Dimple Patel Click Hear
11.Pharmacology 3 (Unit:-5)Dimple Patel Click Hear

Topic / Question Wise Pharmacology 3 Notes

No. Chapter Publish By Click link
1.Antitubercular /Antiamoebic agents (Unit:-4) Mihir Jesur Click Hear
2.Antileprotic agents (Unit:-4) Mihir Jesur Click Hear
3.monoclonal antibodies (Unit:-5) Mihir Jesur Click Hear

Other Content Of Pharmacology 3

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1.Pharmacology 3 Imponent Question ListClick Hear

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