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Pharmacology MCQs with Answers (Part:- 4)


51. Which interactive drug causes respiratory paralysis?
A Neomycin + Succinylcholine
B Neomycin + Ether
C Digitalis + Chlorthiazide
D A and B

52. Chlorpromazine degrade with ________ infusion.
A Aminoacids
B Dextrans
C Dextrose
D Mannitol

53. Role of pharmacist in patient counselling
A Counsellor
B Medication interviewer
C Problem solver
D All

54. Side effect of ethambutol is
A Tinnitus
B Rertobulbular neuritis
C Orange red colour in urine
D Metalic taste

55. Which of the following suggestions will help a patient who has difficulty swallowing?
A Don’t take the medication.
B Drink water before taking your pills, so your mouth is moist.
C Drink water only after taking your pills.
D Take the medication only with food.

56. Synergism is
A 1 + 1 = 2
B 1 + 1 = 0
C 1 + 1 = 1
D 1 + 1 ≥ 2

57. Dose related augmented ADR is also known as
A Type – A
B Type – B
C Type – C
D Type – D

58. Penecillin induced hypersensitivity is ________ type of ADR
A Type – A
B Type – B
C Both
D None

59. The term “compliance” means
A the totality of factors influencing health and behavior
B the atmosphere determining the doctorpatient relationship
C the willingness of the patient to cooperate with the health delivery system in health development and disease prevention as well as to facilitate the healing process
D All above

60. This is common side effect of propranolol except
A Bradycardia
B Broncho-constriction
C Anorexia
D Sexual dysfunction

61. Which of the following therapeutic interventions is prohibited in an asthmatic crisis?
A an increased intake of fluids
B beta receptor blockers
C theophylline
D corticosteroids

62. As compare to ADULTS, half lives of drugs administered in children of age 2- 11 are generally
A Longer
B shorter
C Similar
D Not sure

63. New born may have more toxicity of drugs because
A less protein binding
B less metabolism
C reduced filteration
D All of above

64. True about the teratogenicity of a drug is all EXCEPT
A the action is maximum at the end of third trimester
B they causes malformation of organs
C They are mostly dose dependent
D they may affect organ selectively

65. Antimicrobial activity of sulphonamides can be reversed by adding significant amount of____in diet.
A p- aminosulphonic acid
B p -aminobenzoic acid
C p- phenylenediamine
D o-aminobenzoic acid

66. Sulphonamides act by inhibition of
A dihydrofolate reductase
B dihydropteroate synthase
C DNA gyrase
D Topoisomerase

67. Which of the following is very much useful in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease
A Sulfoxazole
B Sulfadimidine
C Sulfasalazine
D Supfadiazine

68. Nalidixic acid primarily effective on
A Gram +ve bacteria
B Gram -ve bacteria
C Both
D None

69. Which of the following should not be administered after quinolones?
A Antacids
B Tonics
C Dairy products
D All of above

70. Temafloxacin was withdrawn from market as it produces
A hemolysis
B thrombocytopenia
C renal failure
D All of above

71. Metronidazole is used for the treatment of
A Trichomoniasis
B Giardiasis
C Gardnerella vaginalis
D All of above

72. Penicilins should be kept away from ________ to avoid degradation.
A mercury
B copper
C zinc
D All of above

73. Rifampicin should not be coadministered with anti HIV drugs
A as it reduces metabolism of anti HIV drugs.
B as it increases metabolism of anti HIV drugs.
C as it accumulates antiHIV drugs in liver.
D as it converts anti HIV drugs in to toxic Metabolite.

Correct answer:- A & C

74. Which semisynthetic penicillin is highly resistant to inactivation by penicillinase?
A Oxacillin
B Carbenicillin
C Methicillin
D Nafcillin

75. Which of the following agent used in emergency of menorrhagia?
A Vitamin K
B Fondaparinux
C Aprotinin
D Enoxaparin

76. Which of this is not Monobactam?
A Meropenam
B Aztreonam
C Sulphazecin
D Tigemonam

77. Which is the diacetyl prodrug of Penciclovir?
A Valaciclovir
B Famciclovir
C Ganciclovir
D Acyclovir

78. Which of the following is not Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors?
A Zidovudine
B Zalcitabine
C Didenosine
D Efavirenz

79. Which of the following is Nucleoside antimetabolite antiviral agent?
A. Idoxuridine
B. Delavirdine
C. Nevirapine
D. Efavirenz

80. Indocyanine green is used to test
A kidney function
B cardiac function
C liver function
D gastric function

81. The dental diagnostic agent.
A Metyrapone
B Erythrosine sodium
C Mannitol
D Fluorescein sodium

Correct answer:- B & D

82. Which one of the following is contraindicated with Rifampin?
A Benzodiazepine
B Barbiturates
C Oral hypoglycemic
D All of above

83. A major side-effect of monoaminooxidase inhibitor antidepressant therapy is referred to as a “cheese reaction”. Foodstuffs that may cause
A coffee and tea
B poultry liver
C beer and red wine
D Bread

84. Sychotropic drugs that can cause addiction include:
A benzodiazepines
B amphetamines
C meprobamate
D butyrophenones

85. Side-effects of corticosteroids include all of the following, EXCEPT
A cushingoid obesity
B complete precocious puberty
C hypertension
D susceptibility to poorly symptomatic infections

86. The anti-hypertensive agent preferred during pregancy is-
A Sodium Nitroprusside
B Nifedipine
C Prazosin
D Methyl DOPA

87. During pregnancy, pharmacokinetcs of many drugs may get modifed due to
A Increase in fluid volume
B changes in protein binding
C changes in gastric acidity
D There is NO change in pharmacokinetcs

88. Loading dose of a drug primarily depends on
A Volume of distribution
B Clearance
C Half life
D Rate of administration

89. A newborn baby was born with phocomelia. It results due to which drug taken by mother
A Tetracycline
B Thalidomide
C Warfarin
D Alcohol

90. In case of Valproic Acid, it is important to monitor because-
A Its Pharmacokinetics is unpredicatble
B It is NOT showing clinical signs to monitor.
C It is very toxic
D None of above

91. NSAID’s inhibit ____________ thereby reduces lithium filtration.
A Histamine
B Prostaglandins
D Leucotrienes

92. As a prophylactic of HIV which drug is preferred?
A Acyclovir
B Saquinavir
C Ritonavir
D Zidovudine

93. Kernicterus occur due to
A Cephalosporins
B Sulphonamide
C Azobactem
D Gentamycin

94. All of the following increased blood HDL level except
A Ezetimibe
B Fenofibrate
C Niacin
D Pravastatin

95. Warfarin is not used in paediatric treatment because of all except
A Teratogenicity
B Intracranial hemorrhage
C Thrombosis
D Deficiency of vitamin K

96. Dalteparin is a
A Mucopolysaccharide
B Polysaccharide
C Peptone
D Glucopolysaccharide

97. Which drug more prominently used in coronary angioplasty to reduce risk of restenosis?
A Ticlopidine
B Sulfinpyrazone
C Aspirin
D Abciximab

98. Which is long acting fibrinolytic?
A Urokinase
B Alteplase
C Reteplase
D Duteplase

99. Which is used in an overdose toxicity of β-antagonists?
A Digoxin
B Amlodipine
C Glucagon
D Sildenafil

100. Which is used as a central analgesic in veterinary practice?
A Etorphine
B Nalorphine
C Levalorphan
D Buprenorphine