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Pharmaceutics (Part-1) MCQs with Answers


1. The propellant used for topical aerosols
A Dichloro difluro methane
B Trichloro monofluro methane
C propane
D difluoroethane

2 Capacity of hard capsule size 0 is
A 100 mg
B 300 mg
C 400 mg
D 500 mg

3 Microcapsules are prepared by
A coacervation
B distillation
C mixing
D compression

4 Most desirable glass container for injectables are made up from
A quartz
B Treated sodalime
C borosilicate
D sodalime

5 Limits of impurities are generally expressed as
A Mg/liter
B proof
C molarity
D ppm

6 Micro,nano,pico are prefixes associated with following measurement systems.
A avoirdupois
B metrix
D british

7 Upper therapeutic drug concentration for vancomycin is 40 mcg/ml… which is in mg/dL is
A 0.04 mg/dL
B 0.4 mg/dL
C 4 mg/dL
D 40 mg/dL

8 Calculate the dose to be administered 2 mg/kg/day to the patient weighing 140 lb
A 65 mg
B 130 mg
C 260 mg
D 520 mg

9 A package insert list a drug dose for a neonate is 10 mcg/kg/day. The age range for a neonate is considered
A Birth to 1 month
B 1 month to 1 year
C 1 year to 5 year
D Birth to 1 weak

10 Which of the following types of tablet coatings is used to mask the bitter taste of drugs?
A enteric
B film
C dip
D compression

11 Disintegration test is required for
A Sugar coated
B Enteric coated
C Buccal tablet
D All of them

12 Colloidal silicone dioxide is most likely to be included in
A parentrals
B aerosols
C tablets
D capsules

13 Most of the pharmaceutical dosage form follows 1st order degradation kinetics except
A Oral solutions
B Oral suspensions
C capsules
D tablets

14 The process of grinding a substance to very fine powder is termed as
A levigation
B sublimation
C trituration
D Pulverization by intervention

15 The term chiral is related to a drug’s
A Chelating ability
B Stereo isomerism
C Eutectic properties
D Partition coefficient

16 An example of non ionic surfactant would be
A Ammonium laurate
B Docusate sodium
C Cetyl pyridenium chloride
D Sorbitan mono palmitate

17 According to poiseulie equation the factor has greatest influence on rate of flow of liquid through a capillary tube is
A Radius of tube
B Length of tube
C Temperature of the liquid
D Viscosity of the liquid

18 Potassium supplements are administered in all of the following manners except
A elixir
B Slow release tablet
C IV bolus
D IV infusion

19 The container used to pack the drugs may consist of several components & release of it from packaging component to product is best described by
A absorption
B adsorption
C leaching
D permeation

20 The gauge numbers used to size hypodermic needles are
A Length of the needle
B External diameter
C Internal diameter
D Size of the lumen

21 The winged needles is closely associated with
A intradermal
B intravenus
C intrathecal
D intramuscular

22 The term piggy back is most commonly associated with
A Intermittent therapy
B Total parentral nutrition
C Intravenous bolus
D Slow IV infusion

23. What is the approximate maximum volume of fluid that should be administered daily by intravenous infusion to a stabilized patient
A 1 L
B 4 L
C 8 L
D 16 L

24 The usual expiry date of a parentral admixture prepared in a hospital pharmacy is
A 1 hr
B 24 hr
C 48 hr
D 1 weak

25 Parentral solutions that are isotonic with human RBC have approximate osmolality in mOsm/L
A 20 B 40
C 150 D 300

26 Which of the following facts concerning regular insulin is true?
A Degradation occurs only in the liver
B Product is available without prescription
C Drug has short plasma half life
D Degradation occurs only in the kidney

27 An example of implantable catheter for the administration of parentral solutions is
A foley
B hickman
C broviac
D Port-A-Cath

28 What is the usual maximum volume allowed as a parentral package for bacteriostatic water for injection
A 10 ml B 20 ml
C 30 ml D 60 ml

29 The following vitamin has an antioxidant property
A Ascorbic acid
B Ergocalciferol
C Pantothenic acid
D biotin

30 Which one of these parentral antibiotics is most stable in a aqueous solution
A Amoxicillin sodium
B Gentamycin sulphate
C Oxacillin sodium
D Tetracycline hydrochloride

31 The vaccine used for active immunization against measles
A attenuvax
B Havrix
C fluogen
D Recombivax HB

32 Which of the following preparations will induced passive rather than active immunity
A Tetanus toxoid
B Botulism antitoxin
C Typhoid vaccine
D Cholera vaccine

33 The usual storage condition specified for biological is
A Below 2°C
B 2-8°C
C 8-15°C
D Cool place

34 Most of the recently developed biotechnological drugs formulated as
A Inhalation solutions
B Transdermal patches
C Mucoadhesive film
D parentrals

35 Which of the following is NOT prepared by recombinant DNA technology
A eurokinase
B Erythropoietin α
C humulin
D interferon

36 Colostomy pouches are classified by
A male
B female
C Size of stoma
D Depth of stoma

37 Simethicone is likely to be included in following OTC product
A antacid
B Cough product
C decongestant
D laxative

38 The following properties is desirable for pharmaceutical suspension
A caking
B Plastic flow
C Pseudoplastic flow
D Dilatant flow

39 Colligative properties are useful in determining
A solubility
B sterility
C stability
D tonicity

40 The main reason for including methyl cellulose in ophthalmic solutions
A To increase drop size
B To decrease drop size
C To decrease tearing
D To increase ocular contact time

41 Microorganism that has resulted in ophthalmic infections using contact lense solution is
A helicobacter
B Acanthamoeba
C Aspergillus
D trichophyton

42 The following ingredient is a bulking agent in lyophilized product
A aspartame
B Benzalkonium chloride
C mannitol
D Zinc chloride

43 The following acid has greatest degree of ionization in water
A acetic
B boric
C hydrochloric
D lactic

44 pH is equal to pKa at
A pH 1
B pH 7
C Neutralization point
D Half neutralization point

45 Drugs with which of the following half lives are best candidates for oral sustained release formulations
A < 1 hr
B 1-2 hr
C 4-8 hr
D 12-16 hr

46 According to USP protect from light means
A Dark place
B Amber glass bottle
C Light resistant container
D Tight glass container

47 NORPLANT drug delivery system is an example of
A Polymer membrane controlled system
B matrix diffusion controlled system
C matrix reservoir system
D None of this

48 Which one of the following form of radiation has greatest penetration power
A α B β
C γ D x-ray

49 Which of the following widely used radioisotope is ideal for medical application & commercial availability
A Fe- 59
B Tc-99m
C Au -198
D I 131

50 Benzyl alcohol present in some parentral solutions as
A antioxidant
B Buffering agent
C preservative
D solubilizer


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