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Pharmacology Of Drugs Acting Acting On Respiratory System


MCQs with Answers

01.Following drugs directly activate the respiratory center EXCEPT:
a) Bemegride
b) Caffeine
c) Aethymizole
d) Cytiton

02. The mechanism of Cytiton action is:
a) Direct activation of the respiratory center
b) The reflex mechanism
c) The mixed mechanism
d) None of the above

03. Indicate the drug belonging to antitussives of narcotic type of action:
a) Glaucine hydrochloride
b) Aethylmorphine hydrochloride
c) Tusuprex
d) Libexine

04. Tick out the drug belonging to non-narcotic antitussives:
a) Libexine
b) Tusuprex
c) Codeine
d) Aethylmorphine hydrochloride

05. Indicate the expectorant with the reflex mechanism:
a) Sodium benzoate
b) Derivatives of Ipecacucnha and Thermopsis
c) Trypsin
d) Ambroxol

06. Tick the antitussive agent with a peripheral effect:
a) Codeine
b) Tusuprex
c) Libexine
d) Glaucine hydrochloride

07. Chymotrypsin is an agent containing free sulfhydryl groups. It’s:
a) True
b) False

08. All of these drugs contain free sulfhydryl groups EXCEPT:
a) Acetylcysteine
b) Ambroxol
c) Bromhexin
d) Trypsin

09. Which of the following drugs is proteolytic enzyme?
a) Potassium iodide
b) Desoxiribonuclease
c) Carbocysteine
d) Acetylcysteine

010. All of the following drugs destroy disulfide bonds of proteoglycans, which causes depolymerization and reduction of viscosity of sputum, EXCEPT:
a) Acetylcysteine
b) Ambroxol
c) Desoxiribonuclease
d) Bromhexin