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Pharmacology Of Drugs Acting On The Gastrointestinal Tract


01.Tick the main approach of peptic ulcer treatment:
a) Neutralization of gastric acid
b) Eradication of Helicobacter pylori
c) Inhibition of gastric acid secretion
d) All the above

02. Gastric acid secretion is under the control of the following agents EXCEPT:
a) Histamine
b) Acetylcholine
c) Serotonin
d) Gastrin

03. Indicate the drug belonging to proton pump inhibitors:
a) Pirenzepine
b) Ranitidine
c) Omeprazole
d) Trimethaphan

04. All of the following agents intensify the secretion of gastric glands EXCEPT:
a) Pepsin
b) Gastrin
c) Histamine
d) Carbonate mineral waters

05. Which of the following drugs is an agent of substitution therapy?
a) Gastrin
b) Hydrochloric acid
c) Hystamine
d) Carbonate mineral waters

06. Choose the drug which is a H2-receptor antagonist:
a) Omeprazole
b) Pirenzepine
c) Carbenoxolone
d) Ranitidine

07. All of the following drugs are proton pump inhibitors EXCEPT:
a) Pantoprozole
b) Omeprazole
c) Famotidine
d) Rabeprazole

08. Indicate the drug belonging to M1-cholinoblockers:
a) Cimetidine
b) Ranitidine
c) Pirenzepin
d) Omeprazole

09. Which of the following drugs may cause reversible gynecomastia?
a) Omeprazole
b) Pirenzepine
c) Cimetidine
d) Sucralfate

010. Cimetidine has no effect on hepatic drug metabolism. It’s
a) True
b) False

11. Tick the drug forming a physical barrier to HCL and Pepsin:
a) Ranitidine
b) Sucralfate
c) Omeprazole
d) Pirenzepine