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Short note on Pharmacutical Powders.

Powders:- Powders are solid dosage forms of medicament in which one or more ingredients are dispensed in finely divided state, with or without excipient.


1] Bulk powders for internal use

2] Bulk powders for external use

3] simple or compound powders

4] powders enclosed in catches and capsules

5] compressed powders {tablets }


1] it is used for both internally and externally

2] it is more stable than liquid dosage form

3]it is convenient for physician to prescibe a specific amount of powder

4] onset of action is faster

5] easy to carry

6] easy to administration


1] Drugs which have bitter taste, unpleasant taste, cannot be administered in powder form

2] Drugs which get affected by the atmospheric condition are not suitable for dispense

3] less quantity cannot be weighed conveniently.

4] Deliquescent and hygroscopic drugs cannot be dispensed in powder form.