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Pharmacy Practice Chapter:- 1 Notes Hand made

a) Hospital and it’s organization
Definition, Classification of hospital- Primary, Secondary and Tertiary
hospitals, Classification based on clinical and non- clinical basis, Organization
Structure of a Hospital, and Medical staffs involved in the hospital and their
b) Hospital pharmacy and its organization
Definition, functions of hospital pharmacy, Organization structure, Location,
Layout and staff requirements, and Responsibilities and functions of hospital
c) Adverse drug reaction
Classifications – Excessive pharmacological effects, secondary pharmacological
effects, idiosyncrasy, allergic drug reactions, genetically determined toxicity,
toxicity following sudden withdrawal of drugs, Drug interaction- beneficial
interactions, adverse interactions, and pharmacokinetic drug interactions,
Methods for detecting drug interactions, spontaneous case reports and record
linkage studies, and Adverse drug reaction reporting and management.
d) Community Pharmacy
Organization and structure of retail and wholesale drug store, types and design,
Legal requirements for establishment and maintenance of a drug store,
Dispensing of proprietary products, maintenance of records of retail and
wholesale drug store.