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Pharmacy Practice Chapter:- 3 Notes Hand made

Pharmacy and therapeutic committee
Organization, functions, Policies of the pharmacy and therapeutic committee in
including drugs into formulary, inpatient and outpatient prescription, automatic
stop order, and emergency drug list preparation.
b) Drug information services
Drug and Poison information centre, Sources of drug information, Computerised
services, and storage and retrieval of information.
c) Patient counseling
Definition of patient counseling; steps involved in patient counseling, and
Special cases that require the pharmacist
d) Education and training program in the hospital
Role of pharmacist in the education and training program, Internal and external
training program, Services to the nursing homes/clinics, Code of ethics for
community pharmacy, and Role of pharmacist in the interdepartmental
communication and community health education.
e) Prescribed medication order and communication skills
Prescribed medication order- interpretation and legal requirements, and
Communication skills- communication with prescribers and patients.