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pharmacyTopic wise MCQs


1) An Azetropic mixture of two liquids boils at lower temperature than either of them when
A. It shows negative deviation from Raoult’s law
B. It shows positive deviation from Raoult’s law
C. It is Metastable
D. It is saturated
Answer B

2) The solubility of gases increases in liquid with increasing
A. Mass
B. Volume
C. Temperature
D. Pressure
Answer D

3) Normal pH of blood is
A. 7.4
B. 7.2
C. 7.1
D. 7.0
Answer A

4) Buffer Capacity is the maximum at
A. pKa = pH
B. pKa < pH
C. pka = Concentration
D. pka > pH
Answer A

5) At Constant temperature the solubility of gas in a liquid is proportional to the pressure of the gas above it is called as
A. Roult’s law
B. Graham’s law
C. Henry’s law
D. Charle’s Law

Answer C

6) The Amorphous form of drug dissolves than the crystalline form
A. Faster
B. Slower
C. Equal to one
D. Does not dissolve
Answer A

7) Wetting agents usually have an HLB value in the ranges
A. 8-16
B. 9-12
C. 0-3
D. 7-9
Answer D

8) The pKw at 25°C is
A. 14.0
B. 10
C. 5.0
D. 7
Answer A

9) Pair of liquids that are miscible in all proportions are known as
A. Binary liquids
B. Polar liquids
C. Concentrated liquids
D. Saturated liquid
Answer A

10. solid -solid interfaces are important in
A. Tablets
B. pastes
C. suspensions
D. Emulsion
Answer A

11. Example of chelate

A. PVP-Iodine
B. Cyclodextrin
C. Cisplatin
D. Haemoglobin
Answer D

12. EDTA is an example of
A. Unidentate
B. Bidentate
C. Oxydentate
D. Multidentate ligand
Answer D

13. Versatile complexometric agents.
A. Iodine
B. Ethylene diamine tetra acetic acid (EDTA)
C. Sodium hydroxide
D. Hydrochloric acid
Answer B

14. Which sentence is false about ligand?
a. It is act like lewis base
b. CN¯ is example of unidentate.
c. It is electron donor group.
d. EDTA is example of unidentate.
Answer D

15. Isotonic solutions have the same
A. Vapour pressure
B. Osmotic pressure
C. Atmospheric pressure
D. Internal pressure
Answer B

16. pH of 0.1M NaOH is
A. 2
B. 14
C. 13
D. 1
Answer C

17. Which of the following apparatus can be used to determine surface tension
a. Rheometer
b. Stalagmometer
c. Du Nouy tensiometer
d. Ostwald viscometer
Answer C

18. A 0.193 mole sample of ether was confined in a 7.35 liter vessel at 295 K. Calculate the pressure produced using ideal gas equation
A. Pideal = 0.143 atm
B. Pideal = 0.636 atm
C. Pideal = 0.512 atm
D. Pideal = 0.406 atm
Answer B

19. In which of the liquefaction method mechanical work is performed by the gas to push the piston
A. Faraday’s method
B. Linde’s method
C. Claude’s method
D. All of the above
Answer C

20. Using the sodium chloride equivalent method, make the following solution isotonic Tetracaine hydrochloride 5 grams Sodium chloride X grams
Sterilize distilled water, enough to make 1000 mL Mol. Weight = 300.8, E= 0.18
The amount of sodium chloride required is
A. 0.36 g
B. 3.6 g
C. 0.135 g
D. 7.2 g
Answer B