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Physical pharmacutics important Question Bank

1). Differentiate between a saturated and supersaturated solution. Explain the solute solvent interactions for polar and nonpolar solvents.

2). Write a note on solubility of gases in liquid/ explain the effect of pressure, temperature and chemical reaction for solubility of gasses in liquids Discuss factors influencing solubility of gases in liquid.

3). Discuss two component systems containing liquid phases in brief.

4). Define and Explain phase rule. Discuss phase diagram for one component system.

5). Explain Law of Distribution.

6). Write a brief note on Liquid crystals./Explain the structure properties and significant of liquid crystals.

7). Define polymorphism, enantiotropism, monotropism. Discuss the significance of polymorphism in pharmaceutical practice.

8). Discuss ideal gas law in detail.

9). Write a note on binding forces between molecules/ Write in brief on nature of the intra-and intermolecular forces involved in stabilizing molecular and physical structures.

10). Explain Liquefaction of gases and Methods of achieving liquefaction. Give application of this phenomenon in Pharmacy.

11). Discuss two component systems containing thymol-salol system (eutectic mixture) in brief.

12). Enlist the various physicochemical properties and explain any one in detail.

13). Enlist the methods for determination of surface and interfacial tension. Explain capillary rise method with necessary equations.

14). What is spreading Coefficient? Derive its equation.

15). Write a note on Surface Active Agents/Which are the applications of surface active agents? Explain HLB value. Describe the method of calculation of HLB by different

16). Discuss the electric properties of interfaces./Write electrical properties of interfaces (Solid/Liquid) & give its importance in pharmaceutical systems.

17). Define complexation. Classify complexes and write on metal complexes in detail.

18). Classify types of complex. Explain inclusion complex in detail.

Describe cyclodextrin complexes including their application in pharmacy.

19). Enumerate methods of analysis for complexes. Write on pH titration method. 

Define complexation. Discuss methods of analysis of complexes

20. Enumerate methods use for determination of protein binding. Write in detail all.

21. Write applications of drug protein binding in drug activity.

22. Write a note on methods used for pH measurement.

23. Explain Henderson-Hasselbalch equation for buffers containing weak acids and its salts and weak base and its salt.

24. Explain application of buffer in pharmacy.

25. Describe in detail methods used for adjustment of tonicity.