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Medicinal Chemistry (BP402TP) Important Questions Bank

medicinal chemistry important question list:

1) Define and classify Parasympathomimetic agents with examples.

2) Give SAR of cholinergic agents with examples.

3) Define and classify Parasympatholytic agents with examples.

4) Give SAR of Parasympatholytic agents with examples.

5) Give chemical classification of NSAIDS with at least two examples for each class.

6) What are the factors affecting drug metabolism?

7) Write a note on Phase-II metabolism.
8) Short note on CYP450.

9) Define Medicinal Chemistry. Describe history of Medicinal Chemistry in detail

10) Short note on Phase-I metabolism.

11) Explain Physico-chemical properties of drug in relation to Biological action OR Factors affecting drug receptor interaction.

12) Define and classify Sedative and Hypnotics.

13) Give SAR of barbiturates.

14) Write SAR of Anti-convulsant.

15) Explain mechanism of Narcotic analgesics in detail.

16) Give SAR of Morphine.

17) Define and classify Anti-convulsant agents with examples.

18) Give chemical classification of Antipsychotics and discuss the SAR of phenothiazine.

19) What are sympathomimetics OR Adrenegic agonist? Classify them with examples.

20) Write a note on biosynthesis, Metabolism & Reuptake of adrenergic neurotransmitters
OR Catecholamines.

21) Explain SAR of Phenylethanolamines OR SAR of Sympathomimetics OR adrenergic

22) Give SAR of Beta-blockers.

23) What are Sympatholytics OR Adrenergic Antagonist? Classify them with examples

24) Write note on General anaesthetics.

25) Give synthesis and uses of:

a) Dicyclomine hydrochloride
b) Ibuprofen
c) Chlorpromazine
d) Propanolol
e) Salbutamol
f) Tolazoline
g) Phenylephrine
h) Halothane
i) Methohexital Sodium