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Plant Products, Primary Metabolites and Marine Drugs MCQs with Answer

Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry-I

(Plant Products, Primary Metabolites and Marine Drugs)

1. Which of the following is an example of Mineral fiber
A. Hemp
B. Sisal
C. Asbestos
D. Rayon

2. The process of separating cotton fiber from seeds is known as
A. Retting
B. Ginning
C. Combing
D. Garbling

3. Hemp fiber consist of
A. Cellulose
B. Lignin
C. Protein
D. Both A and B

4. Agent which causes a birth defect by toxic effect of an embryo is called
A. Hallucinogens
B. Teratogens
C. Allergens
D. None of the above

5. Arabic acid is the main chemical constituent of
A. Acacia
B. Agar
C. Tragacanth
D. All above

6. Which of the following substance is obtained from red algae (Geladium amansi)
A. Acacia
B. Agar
C. Tragancanth
A. Gelatin

7. Which of the following act as a solidifying agent in bacteriological culture media
A. Acacia
B. Agar
C. Tragacanth
D. Pepsin

8. Which of the following constituent of Tragacanth is responsible for its swelling
property to form a thick gel
A. Tragacanthin
B. Arabin
C. Bassorin
D. Aldobionic acid

9. The major amino acid & sugar present in Honey is
A. Arginin & Glucose and fructose
B. Alanine & Glucose and galactose
C. Proline & Glucose and fructose
D. Glycine & Glucose and galactose

10. Adulteration of Honey with artificial Invert sugar is detect by
A. Iodine test
B. Fiehe’s test
C. Furfural test
D. Fehling test

11. Type A Gelatin is prepared by
A. Acid pretreatment
B. Alkaline pretreatment
C. Both A and B
D. Calcification

12. Source of Papain
A. Unripe fruit of Carica papaya
B. Leaves of Carica papaya
C. Root of Carica papaya
D. Stomach of calf

13. Urokinase is isolated from
A. Sterptococci
B. Stomach lining
C. Pineapple
D. Human Urine

14. Cotton is epidermal trichomes of Seeds of Plant
A. Gossypium barbadense
B. Astragulus Gummifer
C. Conchorus Herbaceum
D. Boerhavia Diffusa

15. Hemp fibre is Pericyclic fiber of plant
A. Astragulus Gummifer
B. Corchorum capsularis
C. Cannabis sativa
D. Gossypium barbadense

16. Anticancer drug from Marine Source
A. Ara-C
B. Domoic acid
C. Carragenana
D. Thelpin

17. Antimicrobial drug obtained from Marine Source
E. Ara-C
F. Domoic acid
G. Carrageenan
H. Thelpin

18. Which of the following oil is useful against leprosy
A. Chaulmoogra oil
B. Citronella oil
C. Sesame oil
D. Arachis oil

19. Ricinoleic acid is main chemical constituent of
A. Chaulmoogra oil
B. Castor oil
C. Wool fat
D. Besswax

20. Which of the following is thrombolytic agent obtained from bacteria
A. Streptokinase
B. Urokinase
C. Serratiopeptidase
D. Bromelain


Ans:- 1). C   2). B   3). B   4). B  5). A  6). B , 7). B , 8). C  9). C , 10). B , 11). A , 12). A , 13). D , 14). D , 15). C , 16). A , 17). H , 18). A , 19). B,  20). A