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Pathophysiology important Question Bank

1). Basic principal of cell injury and adaptation.

2). Write causes of cell injury. Mechanism of cell injury & Etiology of cell injury.

3). Explain cellular and molecular mechanism of reversible cell injury due to hypoxia and

4). Apoptosis. Write cause, mechanism and importance.

5). Define and classify cellular adaptations. Write the causes of atrophy and hyperplasia.

6). Detail the process of Phagocytosis

7). Define necrosis. Give its type and associated morphological changes.

8). Enumerate the principal Cellular Adaptive Responses. Discuss morphological features of Hypertrophy and give its physiological and pathological causes.

9). Enumerate cell and plasma derived inflammatory mediators. Describe the role of different systems in generation of plasma derived mediators.

10). Enlist the various inflammatory cells and discuss their role in inflammation.

11). Define acute inflammation. Write in detail about cell events & vascular events in acute inflammation.

12). Explain the process of wound healing.

13). Define anemia. Classification of anemia and Pathophysiology of Iron deficiency anemia.

14). Write Pathophysiology of megaloblastic anemia.

15). Define Diabetes. Describe types of diabetes and write pathophysiology of Type II

16). Define Epilepsy. Write classification of epilepsy and note on pathophysiology of epilepsy.

17). Write etiology and pathophysiology Parkinson’s disease.

18). Write Detailed note on peptic ulcer (Include definition, etiology, pathophysiology, sing and symptoms and diagnosis).
19). Write various pathological theories for Alzheimer’s disease

20). Write types of hepatitis. Detail pathophysiology of hepatitis B

21). Discuss a brief note on (a) Inflammatory bowel diseases (b) Jaundice.

22). Write detail pathophysiology of TB

23). Short note on pathophysiology, sing and diagnosis of Typhoid.

24). Discuss the pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of AIDS.

25). Write a note on syphilis and gonorrhea.

26). Write a note on pathogenesis of cancer.

27). Write brief note on etiology and pathophysiology of hypertension.

28). Discuss pathophysiology of Congestive Cardiac Failure.

29). Write note on atherosclerosis

30). Define Asthma and write etiology and pathophysiology of Asthma.

31). Detail note on pathogenesis of COPD.

32). Write etiology, pathophysiology and complications of acute renal failure.

33). Writer etiology and pathophysiology of thrombosis.