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Plant Tissue Culture :- Hand written notes


Historical development of plant tissue culture, types of cultures, Nutritional
requirements, growth and their maintenance.
Applications of plant tissue culture in
pharmacognosy. Edible vaccines

• unit:- 3 Plant tissue culture
• Historical development of Plant tissue culture
• Definition of plant tissue culture
• History and scope of plant tissue culture
1). Types of plant tissue culture
Root tip culture
2). Leave and leaf primordial culture
3). Short tip culture
4). Complate flowers culture
5). Another and pollons culture
6). Photoplast culture
7). Ovel and embroi culture
8). Hairy root culture
• Advantages of enzymatic method
• Important of hairy root culture
• Production and application of hairy root culture
• Nutrition requiredment
• Types of nutrients requiredment
1). Micronutrients
2). Macro Nutrition
• Important element
1). Organic Salt
2). EDTA
• Same of the elements important for plant Nutrition and physiology fractions
• Growth regulators use in culture media
• Plant growth regulators
1). Auxins
2). Cytokinins
3). Gibberellins
4). Abasic acid
5). Palymines
• Agar and alternative support
• Plant growth regulators
• Equipment and facility for tissue culture
• Explain laboratory mechanism
• Application for plant tissue culture
• Steps involved in plant tissue culture
• Write details note on suspension culture. Procedure for suspension culture.

  • Subject:- Pharmacognocy and pathochemistry
  • Course:- B.pharm
  • Semester:- 3rd sem