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PRE-GPAT Preparation MCQs (Part:- 6) with Answers


51. Example of the Schedule ‘G’ drugs is
A. Penicillin injection
B. Penicillin tablets
C. Salfonal
D. None of the above

52. All registers in the sale of the drug should be maintained for
A. 5 years
B. 3 years
C. 2 years
D. 4 years

53. Ergot and its preparation belong to Schedule:
A. P
B. C1
C. Q
D. L

54. Example of Narcotic drugs laboratories is:
A. Coca
B. Opium
C. Charas
D. All the above

55. The committee that advises the D.T.A.B and various governments is:
A. D.C.C.
B. D.E.C
D. P.C.I.

56. Lipase can act only at pH
A. 2.5-4
B. 4-5
C. 5-7
D. 3.5-5

57. Bile is produced by:
A. Liver
B. Gall-bladder
C. Cystic duct
D. Pancreas

58. Vitamin H is a called?
A. Niacin
B. Vitamin B12
C. Biotin
D. Folic acid

59. The majority of the absorbed fat appears in the form of:
D. Chylomicrone

60. Seliwanof’s test is positive in:
A. Glucose
B. Galactose
C. Fructose
D. Mannose

61. In mammalian cells, ribosomal RNA is produced mainly in the:
A. Nucleus
B. Ribosome
C. Nucleouls
D. Golgi apparatus

62. Which of the following is not a polymer of glucose?
A. Amylose
B. Cellulose
C. Inulin
D. Dextrin

63. The carbohydrate reserved in human body is:
A. Starch
B. Glycogen
C. Glucose
D. Inulin

64. Colophony is solid residue of resin left after removing
A. Gums
B. Volatile oil
C. Fixed oil
D. Blasams

65. The maximum amount of capsaicin is represented by:
A. Leaves
B. Root
C. Seeds
D. Inner wall of fruits

66. The red colour of capsicum fruit is due to the presence of:
A. Capsanthin
B. Zeaxanthin
C. Cryptoxanthin
D. Lutein

67. Treatment of the Turmeric powder with concentrated sulphuric acid from:
A. Yellow colour
B. pink colour
C. crimson red colour
D. Green colour

68. Which type of lipoprotein is responsible for arthrosclerosis?
C. Chylomicron
D. Any of the above

69. Hypothyroidism leads to
A. creatinism
B. Cushing syndrome
C. myxoedema
D. creatinism and myxoedema

70. Which drug is gametocidal in nature?
A. Primaquine
B. Amodiaquine
C. Pyrimethamine
D. Chloroquine

71. Ulceration in gastric mucosa is a common side effects of
A. Narcotic analgesic
B. Antacid
C. Doxepin
D. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

72. Which vasodilator is also used to stimulate hair growth?
A. Hydralazine
B. Diazoxide
C. Minoxidil
D. Sodium nitroprusside

73. Which is naturally occurring antimalaria drug?
A. Quinacrine
B. Artemisinin
C. Mepacrine
D. Mefloquine

74. The sugar unit of Ouabain is:
A. Glucose
B. Galactose
C. Rhamanose
D. Sucrose

75. Side effect of diloxanide furoate is:
A. Nausea
B. Pruritus
C. Headache
D. Flatulence

76. HYDRALAZINE is related to
A. Venous dilator
B. Arterial dilator
C. Balanced venous dilator
D. Ca + channel blocker

77. All of the following types of isosters are possible within these except
A. – OB.
B. – CH2-
C. -SD.
D. None of this

78. Which of the following ring is present in Furosemide?
A. Pyrrole
B. Furan
C. Indole
D. None of the above

79. Conformation of drugs are commanaly determined by:
C. pH determination
D. Mass spectrometry

80. Insulin is protein, built up from 17 amino acids and it contains:
A. C, H, N
B. C, H, N, O
C. C, H, N, O, S
D. C, H, N, O, Cl

81. Liquid connective tissue is?
A. Blood B. Semen
C. Sweat D. Tear

82. Fluoxetine is used treatment of
A. Depression
B. Anxiety
C. Hepatitis
D. Bronchit

83. Zidovudine is used as
A. Antimalarial
B. Antiviral
C. Antiprotozoal
D. Antifungal

84. Cycloserine contains which ring?
A. Oxazole
B. Isoxazole
C. Pyrrol
D. Imidazole

85. Primary amines are incompabality with
A. mannitol
B. Acacia
C. lactose
D. methyl cellulose

86. Bancroft rule is related to
A. Emulsion
B. Tablet
C. Capsule
D. None of this above

87. Progesterone injection BP is a sterile solution in
A. Water
B. Ethyl oleate
C. Glycerol
D. Propylene glycol

88. How much parameter should be used in normal distribution?
A. 2
B. 1
C. 4
D. None of these

89. Drugs and chemist shops are exempted from the Provision of:
A. Opening time
B. Closing time
C. Lunch time
D. Both A and B

90. The Drugs and Cosmetics Act has been divided into …………… parts:
A. 15
B. 24
C. 16
D. 18

91. NDPS act was framed in the year:
A. 1985
B. 1964
C. 1982
D. 1973

92. Umbelliferone is a derivative of
A. xanthine
B. coumarin
C. hydroquinone
D. α-pyrone

93. Saraca indica is the biological source of:
A. Neem
B. Chirata
C. Kalmegh
D. Ashoka bark

94. Bisacodyl is a
A. Bulk forming laxative
B. Irritant laxative
C. Osmotic laxative
D. Emolient laxative

95. Phenobarbitone is metabolic product of
A. Amobarbitol
B. Pyrimidine
C. Barbitone
D. Primidone

96. Alcohol should not be given with:
A. Metronidazole
B. Emetine
C. Varapamil
D. Niridazole

97. Which isomer of ibuprofen is more active?
A. (S) (-) isomer
B. (R) (+) isomer
C. (S) (+) isomer
D. (R) (-) isomer

98. Which of the following ring is present in clemastine
A. Furon
B. Pyrrole
C. Indole
D. None

99. What is the pH of solution which has hydroxyl ion concentration of 1.0 X 10-11?
A. 10
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

100. During summer the opening times of premises or shop should not be before
A. 8AM
B. 5AM
C. 6AM
D. 7 AM