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PRE-GPAT Preparation MCQs (Part:- 5) with Answers


1. Man cannot synthesize vitamin:
A. A
B. C
C. B
D. D

2. The no. of optical isomer in fructose is
A. 8
B. 16
C. 4
D. 10

3. Wool fat is another names of:
A. Beeswax
B. Lanolin
C. Kokum butter
D. Spermaceti

4. Centella asiatica is the source of:
A. Adhatoda
B. Arjuna Bark
C. Rasna
D. Brahmi

5. Drug of choice in syphilis is
A. penicillin
B. sulphonamide
C. cephalosporin
D. tetracycline

6. VLDL secretion inhibitor is
A. Lovastain
B. Niacin
C. Cholestyramine
D. Genifibrozil

7. Ibuprofen belongs to Schedule
A. X
B. G
C. H
D. M

8. The members of the D.T.A.B. hold the office for the a period of
A. 1 year
B. 3 year
C. 5 year
D. 7 year

9. Neutral amino acid is:
A. Leucine
B. Lysine
C. Aspartic acid
D. Histidine

10. Staphylococcus aureus is used for the IP assay of
A. Doxycycline
B. Blocomycin
C. Kanamycin
D. Carbenicillin

11. According to classification of alkaloids, proto alkaloids means
(a) Basic in nature
(b) Nitrogen in the heterocyclic ring
(c) Nitrogen is not in the hetero cyclic ring, basic in nature, derived from amino acids,
(d) Do not show any chemical tests for alkaloids.

12. Composition of Scheibler’s reagent used to detect alkaloids
(a) Cadmium iodide +KI+water
(b) Nitric acid +KI+water
(c) Potassium mercuric iodide
(d) Sodium tungustate + disodium phosphate + water, acidify with HNO3

13. For detection of cocaine, specific chemical test is of the test & final colour produced are
(A) Vitali morine test, violet colour
(b) Murexide colour reaction, purple colour
(c) Rathenasinkam’s test, bluish purple colour
(d) Thalleoquin test, emerald green colour

14. Types of stomata present in madagascur are
(A) Paracytic
(b) Diacytic
(c) Anisocytic
(D) Anomocytic

15. Yield of vincristin from crude drug is
(A) 0.002% (b) 0.003
(c) 0.0003% (D) 0.0002%

16. In the microscopy of nux-vomica seed, the most identifying characteristic are
(A) Fusiform phloem fibres
(b) Horse shoe shaped stone cells
(c) Plasmodesmata
(d) Unicellular lignified covering trichomes + plassmodesma

17. One species of nux-vomica is used to clear turbid water, name of that species is
(A) Strychnos nux vomica
(b) Struchnus wallichiana
(c) Strychnus potatorum
(D) Strychnus ignatii

18. Indian ginseng also known as winter cherry belonging to family
(A) Rubiaceae
(b) Solanaceae
(c) Liliaceae
(d) Scrophulareaceae

19. Tropane alkaloids are derived from
(A) Tryptophan
(b) Tyrosine
(c) Tryptamine
(D) Ornithine

20. Secretory canals are present in
(A) Kurchi bark
(b) Cinnamon bark
(c) Cinchona bark
(D) Cascara bark

21. Rocky mountain spotted fever is caused by
A. Virus
B. an amoeba
C. a rickettsia
D. None of the above

22. Bacteriophages are usually
A. Lipoidal
B. Viruses
C. Bacteria
D. None of the above

23. Santalum album is the source:
A. Sandalwood oil
B. Clove oil
C. Nutmeg oil
D. Eucalyptus oil

24. The main chemical constituents of yeast are
A. Vitamin A
B. Vitamin D
C. Vitamin E
D. Vitamin B COMPLEX

25. Phocomelia is Characteristic for
A. Warfarin
B. Thalidomide
C. Phenytoin
D. tetracyclines

26. Select the drug that will aggrevate bronchial asthma
A. Amphetamine
B. Morphine
C. Propranolol
D. Tubocurarine

27. An example of gauglionic blocker is
A. Atropive
B. Hexamethonium
C. Oxybutynin
D. Pirenzepine

28. INH is biotransformed by:
A. Conjugation
B. Deamination
C. Dehydration
D. Acetylation

29. Ph range for action for methyl red is
A. 5.2 – 6.8
B. 3.1 – 4.4
C. 1.5 – 3.2
D. 6.8 – 10

30. The munsell system is associated with
A. Toxicity
B. Flavour
C. Colour
D. Sweetness

31. Polyoexyethelene sorbitan monolaurate is known as
A. Tween 15
B. Tween 60
C. Tween 21
D. Tween 80

32. In capsules, Rotofil is used for filling:
A. Powders
B. liquid
C. pellets
D. corrosive liquids

33. Separation of tablet in 2 or more distinct layer is:
A. Capping
B. Air entrapment
C. Lamination
D. Mottling

34. Veegum is hydrocolloid and its origin is:
A. Plant
B. Minerals
C. Synthetic
D. Semi-synthetic

35. In amperometric titrations one of the following is kept constant:
A. Current
B. Voltage applied
C. Resistant
D. Conductance

36. The aromatic nucleus present in propanolol is:
A. Benzene
B. Pyridine
C. Naphthalene
D. Anthracene

37. Ethyl-4-aminobenzoate is the IUPAC name of
A. Aniline acetate
B. Benzocaine
C. Biotin
D. Bethanechol

38. All of the following are released as prohormones except
A. vitamin D
B. Steroid
C. Insulin
D. Parathyroid

39. Atropine has least effect on:
B. Liver
D. Autonomic ganglia

40. pH of human tear is
A. 7.2 B. 4.6
C. 8.0 D. 7.6

41. Which one of these is used as isotonicity adjuster?
A. Dextrose
B. Boric acid
C. NaCl
D. All of the above

42. The nature of propellant is determined by
A. Gas chromatigraphy
B. U V method
C. Karl Fisher method
D. None of the above

43. Gasket is made of
A. Bune-N
B. Neoprene rubber
C. Both (a) and (b)
D. Aluminium

44. Benzalkonium chloride is inactivated by
A. soap
B. methycellulose
C. heat
D. acetone

45. Ionic mobility is denoted by:
A. cm/sec
B. mg/sec
C. degree Celcius/sec
D. None of the above

46. Powders for internal use are now used in the form of:
A. Syrups
B. Injections
C. Tonic
D. Tablets and capsules

47. Phenobarbitone sodium belong to
A. Schedule ’O ’
B. Schedule ‘X’
C. Schedule ‘R’
D. Schedule ‘L’

48. The committee that advise the D.T.A.B. and various government is
A. D.C.C.
B. D.E.C.
C. P.C.I.

49. Insulin injection comes under schedule
A. S
B. G
C. P
D. A

50. Life period of drugs is dealt in
A. Schedule ‘P’
B. Schedule ‘T’
C. Schedule ‘R’
D. Schedule ‘Q’


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