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Precipitation, Complexometric, Gravimetry titration (Unit:- 3):- Hand written notes



Precipitation titrations: Mohr’s method, Volhard’s, Modified Volhard’s, Fajans method, estimation of sodium chloride.

 Complexometric titration: Classification, metal ion indicators, masking and demasking reagents, estimation of Magnesium sulphate, and calcium gluconate.

 Gravimetry: Principle and steps involved in gravimetric analysis. Purity of the precipitate: co-precipitation and post precipitation, Estimation of barium sulphate.

 Basic Principles,methods and application of diazotisation titration.

Pharmaceutical analysis unit 3 Hand written notes pdf download

  • Subject:– Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • Semester:- first sem, sem 1
  • Course:- Bachelor of pharmacy, bpharm