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Prefilled syringes:

These are of two types:
• Cartidge type package is a single syringe and needle unit which is placed in a special holder before use and needle and syringe unit is discarded after use but holder can be reused.
• Other type of package consists of a glass tube closed at both ends with rubber stoppers. The prefilled tube is placed in special designed syringe that has a needle attached to it and after use all
unit is discarded.

Formulation of large volume parenterals:
• These are the parenteral preparations administered in more than 100ml.

• These are only single dose preparations.

Formulation of large volume parenteral is same as that of formulation of injections except the antimicrobial agents which are not added in large volume parenterals.
• Hyperlimentation fluid or total parenteral nutrition (TPN)
• Cardioplegic fluid
• Dialysis fluid
• Irrigating fluid

• IV administration of calories, nitrogen and other nutrients in sufficient amount to produce tissue synthesis is called TPN and fluid which is used for this purpose is called hyperlimentation fluid.
• These products are generally injected to avoid multiple injections of nutritional requirements of the patient by IV route.
• TPN is generally used in pre- operative and post- operative conditions.
E.g. Dextrose solution 25%

Cardioplegic fluid:
• It is the solution by which the ischemic myocardium is protected from cell death which is achieved by reducing myocardium metabolism through a reduction in cardiac work load.

Irrigation fluid:
• The fluid which is sued to rinse a body cavity is called irrigation fluid.
E.g. 0.9% sodium chloride irrigation fluid which is sued during surgical procedures for rinsing the tissues,, body cavity, wounds or irrigation of a special tube called catheter.

Dialysis fluid:
• Dialysis fluid is the solution which is used in dialysis process and dialysis process is the process by which waste material from the body is removed out and it is carried out when kidney don’t
work properly.
These are of two types:
• Haemodialysis fluid
• Intraperitoneal fluid

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