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Proteins MCQs with Answers


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1). The first protein sequence by Frederick Sanger is
A) Haemoglobin
B) Myoglobin
C) Insulin
D) Myosin

2). A dipeptide has
A) Two amino acids and one peptide bond
B) Two amino acids and two peptide bond
C) Two amino acids and three peptide bonds
D) Two amino acids and four peptide bonds

3). Fibers protein such as silk fibrone consist of polypeptide chains arranged in
A) α – helix
B) β- plated sheet
C) β – helix
D) None of these

4). Tertiary structure is maintain by
A) Peptide bond
B) Hydrogen bond
C) Di – sulphide bond
D) All of the above

5). Name of 21th amino acid is
A) Selenocysteine
B) Haemoglobin
C) Proline
D) Glycine

6). Type of bonding in Di – sulphide bridges is
A) Ionic bonding
B.) Hydrogen bonding
C) Covalent bonding between R group of cysteine Amino acid
D) Polar interaction

7). what are the following is not a factor responsible for Denaturation of proteins
A) PH change
B) Organic solvent
C) Heat
D) Charge

8). Condition in which rate of synthesis of ketone bodies exceeds rate of utilization is called
A) Kitonamia
B) Diabetes
C) Color blindness
D) Anaemia

9). Two chains of amino acids in an insulin molecule are held together by
A) Sulfide bridges
B) Disulfide bridges
C) Peptide bond
D) Covalent linkage

???? Amino acids sequence in DNA can be determined by the order of their
C) Nucleotides


1.C ( Insulin)
2.A ( two amino acids and one peptide bond)
3.B (β – pleated sheet)
4.D ( All of the above)
5.A ( Selenocystaine)
6.A ( Covalent bonding between R group of cysteine amino acid)
7.D ( Charge)
8.A ( kitonemia)
9.B ( Disulfide bridges)
10.C ( Nucleotides)