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Solubility MCQs with answers

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???????? Solubility????????

1️⃣ The temperature at which two conjugate solutions merge into one another to form one layer is called?
A. Upper consolute temp.( Critical solution temp.)
B. Critical saturation temp.
C. Distillation temp.
D. Partition temp.

2️⃣ For a gas in contact with a solvent at a constant temperature, the concentration of the gas that dissolves in the solvent is directly proportional to the pressure of the gas. This law is….
A. Dalton’s law
B. Van’t hoff’s Law
C. Raoult’s law
D. Henry’s law

3️⃣ Saturated solution is defined as one in which dissolve solute is _______ with the excess of solid at a particular temperature.
A. In contact
B. In equilibrium
C. Contains impurities
D. None of these

4️⃣ For the study of distribution law the two solvents should be
A. Non-miscible
B. Miscible
C. Volatile
D. Reacting with each other

5️⃣ Which one of the following is NOT a concentration unit?
A. Mass per volume
B. Milli equivalent
C. Molarity
D. Enthalpy

6️⃣ When a large amount of solute dissolves in a given amount of solvent it forms
A. Concentration solution
B. Dilute solution
C. Aqueous solution
D. Saturated solution

7️⃣ The solubility of Na2SO4
A. Increases with increase in temp
B. Decreases with increase in temp
C. Not depends on temp
D. None of above

8️⃣ 5 g of NaCl is dissolved in 1000g of water. Calculate the mole fraction of the solute (molarity is 0.0854m)
A. 1.536× 10^3
B. 1.536
C. 1.536×10^ -3
D. None of above

9️⃣ The solubility of solids generally rises with
A. Increase in temperature
B. Decrease in temperature
C. Increase in volume of the solvent
D. None of above

???? When a saturated solution prepared at a higher temperature is cooled, we get
A. Super cooled solution
B. Super saturated solution
C. An equilibrium mixture
D. One molar solution



1. A ( Upper consolute temp.)
2. D (Henry’s law)
3. B ( Im equilibrium)
4. A ( Non-miscible)
5. D ( Enthalpy)
6. A ( Concentration solution)
7. B ( Decrease with Increase in temp)
8. C ( 1.535×10^-3)
9. A ( Increase in temp)
10. B ( Super saturated solution)