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Tablat:- Industrial pharmacy hand written note


Tablat:- Industrial pharmacy hand written note

Tablets, Introduction, Ideal Characteristics of Tablets, Classification of Tablets, Excipients, Fillers/Diluents, Binders, Disintegrants, Lubricants, Formulation of Tablets, Granulation Methods, Wet Granulation – [Aqueous Granulation Technique], Dry Granulation – [Non-Aqueous Granulation Technique], Direct Compression, Compression and Processing Problems, Capping, Lamination, Chipping, Cracking, Sticking, Picking, Binding, Mottling, Double Impression, Tablet Weight, Problems and Remedies for Tablet Coating, Blistering, Cratering, Picking, Pitting, Blooming, Blushing, Colour Variation, Infilling, Orange Peel/Roughness, Cracking/Splitting, Bridging, Tablet Equipments, Rotary Tablet Press, Press Design and Layout, Tablet Tooling, Basics of Tablet Tooling, Punch, Die, Quality Standards and Compendial Requirements, Coating of Tablets, Coating Formation, Tablet Coating in Practice, Problems Associated with Tablet Coatings, In-process Quality Control Tests for Pharmaceutical Tablets

  • Subject:– Industrial pharmacy 1
  • Semester:- sixth sem, sem 6
  • Course:- Bachelor of pharmacy, bpharm

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