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Tablets MCQs with Answers



1️⃣ Coating used to protect the tablet from acidic environment of stomach……….
A. Film coating
B. Sugar coating
C.Enteric coated
D. Encapsulation

2️⃣ Lactose is used as ?
A. Diluent
B. Glidant
C. Lubricant
D. Dis integrant

3️⃣ Sigma blade mixers are commonly used in ?
A. Dry granulation
B. Powder mixing
C. Wet granulation
D. Crude fibre mixing

4️⃣ In sugar coating of tab seal coating is done ?
A. To prevent moisture deposition
B. To round the edge
C. Build the tablet size
D. To smoothen the surface

5️⃣ Diameter of mess aperture in the dis-integration apparatus is (as per I.P)
A. 1 mm
B. 2 mm
C. 3 mm
D. 4 mm

6️⃣ Fibrillater is operated at ___
A. 100 RPM
B. 200 RPM
C. 50 RPM
D. 300 RPM

7️⃣ Unequal distribution of colour ?
A. Capping
B. Picking
C. Mottling
D. Lamination

8️⃣ Dis integration time for sugar coated tablet___
A. 30 min
B. 60 min
C. 90 min
D. 120 min

9️⃣ Dissolution test apparatus No 1 as per I.P__
A. Basket
B. Rotating basket
C. Paddle
D. Rotating cylinder

???? Carr’s index of powder is 10% then the type of flow
A. Poor
B. Excellent
C. Passable
D. Good


1. C (enteric coating)
2. A (diluent)
3. C (wet granulation )
4. A (to prevent moisture deposition)
5. B (2 mm)
6.A (100 RPM) (as it is total rotations required for completion of fibrillation ( it is runned at 25 RPM)
7. C ( mottling )
8.B (60 min )
9.C (paddle )
10. B (excellent )