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Toxicology and Chronopharmacology MCQs with Answer

Toxicology and Chronopharmacology MCQs with Answer

1. Agent which can cause cancer is called
(A) Carcinogenicity
(B) Carcinogen
(C) Mutagen

2. Agent which is having ability to affect gene as toxic is considered as
(B) Carcinogens
(C) Teratogens
(D)Genotoxic Agents

3. If any woman is pregnant and she has taken a drug which caused a fatal death it is called
(B) Teratogenicity
(C) Mutagenicity

4. Full form of BAL is
(A)British anti-Lewisite
(B) British again-Lewisite
(C) British anti-Lewinide
(D)British antihistaminic-Lewisite

5. Universal antidote is
(B) Dimercaprol
(C) Activated charcoal
(D)All of the above

6. Circadian rhythm is associated with (Most specific)
(A)12 hours’ time frame
(B) 24 Hours’ Time frame
(C) Both A and B
(D)None of the above

7. EDTA is a
(A)Chelating agents
(B) Neutralizing agents
(C) Universal antidote s
(D)All of the above

8. Atropine is used in
(A)Organophosphate poisoning
(B) Lead poisoning
(C) Snake venom poisoning
(D)Arsenic poisoning

9. Organophosphate may cause toxicity by
(A)Accumulation of acetylcholine
(B) Accumulation of anticholinesterase
(C) Affecting neurotransmitter
(D)None of the above

10. MOA of activated charcoal is
(B) Absorption
(C) Neutralization
(D)All of the above

11. Which of the following category is considered as safe during pregnancy
(A)Category A
(B) Category C
(C) Category X
(D)Category Z

12. Folic acid is an example of
(A)Category A
(B) Category B
(C) Category C
(D)Category X

13. Level of testosterone is at highest at
(B) Afternoon
(C) Evening

14. Study of effect of time on ADME is called
(B) Chronopharmacokinetic
(C) Chronobiology
(D)All of the above

15. Mutation may reflected in
(B) Translation
(C) Replication
(D)All of the above

16. If the base is changed but the result is the same then it is an example of
(A)Silent mutation
(B) Missense mutation
(C) Nonsense mutation
(D)None of the above

17. Methanol poisoning can be treated by
(B) Methanol itself
(C) Butanol
(D)Any of the alcohol

18. Emetics are not to be used in case of
(A)Corrosive poisoning
(B) Non supportive patient
(C) Unconscious patient
(D)All of the above

19. Opioid toxicity can be treated by
(B) Activated charcoal
(C) Emetics
(D)None of the above

20. Example of organophosphate poison
(B) Parathion
(C) Tabun
(D)All of the above


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