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What are the career options after MBBS?


After completing MBBS, there are various options that the medical students can opt for. The career options after MBBS are different for both the genders. The MBBS students can pursue their career in the field of medicine, they can choose to work as a General Practitioner, Public Health Specialist, Specialist Physicians, Surgeons, etc.

1. What to do after completing your MBBS?

So, you’ve finally completed your MBBS and are now looking for what to do next. You have a few options:

2. What is the difference between MBBS and MD?

After completing MBBS, one of the most common next steps is to pursue an MD degree. This is a doctoral degree that is one step above a regular medical degree. While an MD opens up a variety of career options, it primarily prepares a doctor for a career in clinical medicine. An MD graduate is eligible to become a licensed physician and work in a hospital or clinic. An MBBS degree is more general, and can lead to a variety of careers both in and out of the medical field. Some examples include a career in medical research, public health, pharmaceuticals or health administration.

3. What are the benefits of doing MD after MBBS?

After completing MBBS, there are various career options that are open to you. One of the most popular options is to do post-graduate studies in medical science and then join a hospital or healthcare centre as a qualified doctor. This will give you hands-on experience in the medical field and help you build a strong career. You can also work in the health sector as a physician, medical assistant or consultant in critical care units. Alternatively, you can take up a job in the pharmaceutical industry as a research associate. This degree also opens up opportunities for you to appear for Combined Medical Services Examination.

4. What to do after completing your MBBS?

After completing your MBBS, the next step is to decide what you want to do with your degree. You have a lot of different options, and the best way to explore them is to talk to people who are already working in the field you’re interested in. Here are just a few of the many possibilities:


After completing your MBBS, you can go for specialization in the field of Psychiatry, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology or General Medicine. You can choose to work as a research officer after completing MD.