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Aerosols MCQs with answers

Pharmaceutics Aerosols MCQs

1️⃣ Tri- chloro-mono-fluoro- methane…?. …
A. Propellant 11
B. Propellant 12
C. Propellant 13
D. Propellant 14

2️⃣ Hydrocarbons can be used for water based aerosols and topical used propellant A-108 is?
A. Isobutane
B. Butane
C. Isohexane
D. Propane

3️⃣ Propellant 12 in pharmaceutical aerosols..?
A. Tri-chloro-mono-flouro butane
B. Di-chloro-di-flouro methane
C. Tri-chloro-mono-flouro methane
D. Di-chloro-tri-flouro ethane

4️⃣ Aerosols container must be able to withstand pressure as high as?
A. 140-180 psig(pounds per square inch gauge)
B. 100-120 psig
C. 80-100 psig
D. 120-140 psig

5️⃣ Containers used for topical and MDI aerosols
A. Glass container
B. Stainless stell
C. Aluminium
D. All the above

6️⃣ Containers used for…inhalation Aerosols.
A.Glass container
B. Stainless stell
C Aluminium
D all the above

7️⃣ Metered dose inhalers”advair inhaler used in asthma contain which drug ?
A. Flutocasone
B. Dexamethasone
C. Albuterol
D. Flunisolide

8️⃣ Valve acceptance limit for deliveries more than 55 to 200 micro litre for testing procedure of aerosols is.. .. ___
A. +/_10%
B. +/_ 15%
C. +/_ 7.5%
D. +/_ 5%

9️⃣ which connects Valve to container
A. Valve body (or)housing
B. Ferrule(or) mounting cup
C. Stem
D. Gasket

???? Aluminium containers
A. Inhalation and topical
B. Inhalation only
C. Topical only
D. Topical and MDI aerosols


1. A (propellant 11 )
2. D (propane)
3. B (di- chloro-di-flouro methane)
4. A (140-180)
5. A (glass container)
6. B (stain less steel )
7. A ( flutocasone)
8. A (+/_10)
9. C ( ferrule (or) mounting cup)
10. A (inhalation and topical)