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Anesthetics Drugs:- PPT/ PDF


Anesthetics Drugs- A
• • Define the term anesthesia and anesthetic agents
• Differentiate between different types of anesthesia
• Identify the stages of general anesthesia
• Describe Characteristics of general and local anesthetic agents.
• Identify most commonly used anesthetic agents
• Discuss factors considered when choosing anesthetic agents.
• Compare general and local anesthesia in terms of administration, client’s safety and nursing care.
• Discuss the rationale for using adjunctive drugs before and during surgical procedures.
• Describe the nursing role in related to anesthetics and adjunctive drugs.
• Discuss the action, indication and side effects of neuro-muscular blocking agent
• Calculate the drug dosage of injectable anesthetic agent
• Anesthesia
• Anesthetic Agents
• Types of Anesthesia
Classified into 2 major types. They are :

  1. General anesthesia.
  2. Local & regional anesthesia.
    • • Spinal Anesthesia: it is achieved by injection 1.8 ml of 5% lignocaine solution into
    the subarachnoid space through a lumber puncture.
    • Other drugs which can be used are cinchocaine, procaine and amethocaine.
    • It can cause serious hypotension.
    • Stages of General Anesthesia
    • Stage I Analgesia
    • Stage II Excitement
    • Stage III Surgical anesthesia
    • Stage IV Medullary paralysis
    • Practically what is done in OT ???
    • General anesthetics (Defn.)
    • What are the Drugs used as GA ? (Classification)
    • Local Anaesthetics
    • Factors considered when choosing anesthetic agents
    • Patients Factors in selection of Anesthesia
    • Status of the Organ System
    • Concomitant use of Drugs
    • Other Conditions to be Considered before Anesthesia
    • Rationale for using adjunctive drugs before and during surgical
    • Adjunctive drugs or pre-anesthetic medications
    • Skeletal Muscle Relaxants
    • Characteristics of general and local anesthetic agents
    • Used in situations that require short duration anesthesia (outpatient surgery)
    Primarily used as adjuncts to inhalationals
    Administered first
    Rapidly induce unconsciousness
    In lower doses, they may be used to provide sedation
    • Comparison of general vs local anesthesia
    • General anesthesia
    • Advantages of general anesthesia
    • Disadvantages of general anesthesia
    • Nursing role in GA
    • Methods of administration
    • Disadvantages/side effects of LA
    • Advantages of Local anesthetic
    • Nursing Role in LA
  • Subject:- Pharmacology
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 5th sem , sem :- 5