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Anti-Epileptic Drugs MCQs With Answers

1. One of the following belongs to imidazolidine-2,4-dione class:
a. Phenytoin
b. Trimethadione
c. Phensuximide
d. Paramethadione

2. ………………. is the drug of choice for grandmal epilepsy.
a. Diazepam
b. Carbamazepine
c. Phenytoin
d. Lamotrigine

3. Oxazolidone acts by
a. Acting as agonist for GABA A receptor
b. Blocking the sodium ion channels
c. Blocking the calcium ion channels
d. Blocking potassium channels

4. Mechanism of action of carbamazepine is
a. Allosterically enhances GABAergic
b. Reduces L- glutamate-mediated e xcitation
c. Blocks sustained repetitive neuronal fi ring
d. Reduces calcium i nfl ux into neurons

5. Class of carbamazepine is
a. Benzodiazepines
b. Succinimides
c. Barbiturates
d. Iminostilbenes

6. Ethosuximide is indicated for
a. Delirium tremor
b. Generalized absence seizures
c. Petit mal seizures
d. Partial m otor seizures

7. Mechanism of action of phenytoin is
a. Blocks sustained repetitive neuronal fi ring
b. Reduces L- glutamate-mediated e xcitation
c. Enhances pre-synaptic release of GABA
d. Allosterically e nhances G ABAergic

8. Indication of clonazepam is
a. Myoclonic epilepsy
b. Partial m otor seizures
c. Status epilepticus
d. Partial complex seizures

9. Lamotrigine is effective in
a. Partial seizures
b. Generalized seizures
c. Absence seizures
d. All of the above

10. An enzyme inducer, this anticonvulsant is one of the metabolites of primidone (also an anticonvulsant).
a. Phenytoin
b. Phenobarbitone
c. Carbamazepine
d. Diazepam

11. This anticonvulsant is a prodrug derived from carbamazepine, with the benefi ts of fewer side- effects and fewer drug interactions.
a. Lamotrigine
b. Oxcarbazepine
c. Procarbazepine
d. Fosphenytoin

Answer keys

1. a
2. c
3. c
4. c
5. d
6. c
7. a
8. a
9. d
10. b
11. b