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BIOCHEMISTRY Imporatant Questions


  1. What are carbohydrates? Give classification of carbohydrates with examples. Describe in brief chemical reactions of monosaccharaides.
  2. Describe hexose monophosphate shunt and add a note on its significance.
  3. Discuss Glycolysis with its energetic
  4. Define amino acid. Classification of amino acid with suitable example.
  5. Explain detail about primary and secondary structure of protein.
  6. Describe enzyme inhibition. Detail note on Iso enzyme and Coenzyme.
  7. Classify enzymes with example and explain various factors affecting enzyme action. Discuss the enzyme kinetics in brief and its mechanism of action.
  8. Write a short note on ETC cycle.
  9. What is oxidative phosphorylation? Write a detail note on mechanism involved in oxidative Phosphorylation and its inhibitors.
  10. Explain the process of Gluconeogenesis and special pathway involved in it.
  11. Explain glycogenolysis with metabolic reaction.
  12. Describe β-oxidation of fatty acids with its energetics.
  13. Biosynthesis of fatty acids (De Novo Synthesis of Fatty Acid)
  14. Write about biosynthesis and utilisation of ketone bodies & Explain Ketoacidosis
  15. Write a detail note on Urea Cycle along with disease associated with urea cycle.
  16. What is Transamination and Deamination? Explain in detail.
  17. Metabolism of phenylalanine and its disorders.
  18. Write a short note on Jaundice. Explain types of jaundice.
  19. Write note on ATP ADP cycle
  20. Explain in detail Biosynthesis of DNA (Replication Process).
  21. Write a note on Biosynthesis of RNA (Transcription Process).
  22. Explain in detail DNA damage and repair mechanism.
  23. Explain in detail protein synthesis (Translation Process).
  24. Write a note on synthesis of purine and pyrimidine nucleotide.
  25. Write a note on metabolism or degerdation of purine nucleotide