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Biochemistry Notes / MCQs / PPT / PDF

Hand written Notes of Physical Pharmaceutics 1

NO.ChapterPublish ByClick link
1.Biomolecules unit:- 1Nikita Parmar Click Hear
2.carbohydrate-metabolism unit:- 2Nikita Parmar Click Hear
3.ETC Cycle unit:- 2Nikita Parmar Click Hear
4.Nucleic acid metabolism and genetic information transfer unit:- 4Nikita Parmar Click Hear
5.Enzymes unit:- 5 Nikita Parmar Click Hear

Questions Wise Notes of Biochemistry

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1.ETC CycleClick Hear
2.Hyperuricemia and goutClick Hear
3.Glycolysis energetics significanceClick Hear
4. Nucleic acid metabolism Structure of RAN DNA Replication TranscriptionClick Hear
5.Biosynthesis de novo synthesis-of fatty acidsClick Hear
6.Hormonal regulation of blood glucose-and diabetes mellitus [PPT]Click Hear
7.Hyperlipidemia artherosceloris fatty liverClick Hear
8.Oxidative-phosphorylation [PPT] Click Hear
9.Gluconeogenesis significance and pathwayClick Hear
10.Beta oxidation of saturated fatty acidsClick Hear
11.Explain catabolism of hemeClick Hear
12.Urea cycle-krebs henseleit cycleClick Hear
13.Metabolism of cholesterol [PPT] Click Hear
14.Catabolism of amino acid [PPT] Click Hear
15.Regulation of lipid metabolism [PPT] Click Hear
16.Energy rich compounds [PPT] Click Hear
17.Ketone bodies and their utilization [PPT] Click Hear
18.Introduction to nucleotides [PPT] Click Hear
19.Glycogenesis and gluconeogenesis [PPT] Click Hear
20.Tca citric acid cycle krebs cycle Click Hear
21.β-oxidation of saturated and unsaturated fatty acidsClick Hear
22.introduction to proteins and amino acids [PPT] Click Hear
23.lipid properties types classificationClick Hear
24.introduction-to-carbohydratesClick Hear
25.Oxidation of saturated fatty acidsClick Hear
26.write a note on tca cycleClick Hear
27.what is biomolecule and Biological RoleClick Hear

MCQs with Answers of Biochemistry

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1.Click Hear
2.Click Hear
3.Click Hear
4.Click Hear
5.Click Hear
6.Click Hear
7.Click Hear
8.Click Hear
9.Click Hear
10.Click Hear
11.Click Hear
12.Click Hear

PDF / PPT / Articles/ Video of Biochemistry

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1.Biochemistry Study MaterialClick Hear
2.Biochemistry Paper solution For GPAT [Video]Click Hear
3.Enzyme And ApplicationJinal GandhiClick Hear
4.Click Hear
5.Click Hear

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