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Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1 Notes / MCQs / PPT / PDF

Hand written Notes of Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1

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1.Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1 unit:- 1Priya VarmaClick Hear
2.Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1 unit:- 2Priya Varma Click Hear
3.Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1 unit:- 3Priya Varma Click Hear
4.Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1unit:- 4Priya Varma Click Hear
5.Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1 unit:- 5Priya Varma Click Hear
6.Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1 (unit:- 1)Deepak SahuClick Hear
7.Plant Tissue Culture (Unit:- 3)Raj GuruClick Hear
8. Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1 unit:- 2Dipak KumarClick Hear

Questions Wise Notes Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1

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1.Plant Harmons and applicationClick Hear
2.Plant Product:- Fibers, Cotton, jute and hempClick Hear
3.Factors affecting of cultivation of drugsClick Hear
4.Define the term alkaloid and classify alkaloids with examplesClick Hear
5.Define honey give classification properties general uses chemical testsClick Hear
6.Tea Short NoteClick Hear
7.Classification of TanninsClick Hear
8. Volatile Olis Full Details Notes Click Hear
9.Carbohydrates (Unit:-5)Dipak KumarClick Hear
10.Classification of drugs (Unit:-1)Dipak KumarClick Hear
11.Evaluation of Drug (Unit:-1)Dipak KumarClick Hear
12.Source of Drug (Unit:-1)Dipak KumarClick Hear
13,Introduction to secondary metabolites (Unit:-1) Dipak KumarClick Hear

MCQs with Answers of Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1

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1.Click Hear
2.Click Hear
3.Click Hear
4.Click Hear
5.Click Hear
6.Click Hear
7.Click Hear
8.Click Hear
9.Click Hear
10.Click Hear
11.Click Hear
12.Click Hear

PDF / PPT / Articles/ Video of Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1

No.TopicsPublish ByClick Link
1.Pharmacognosy And Pythochemistry 1 Study MaterialClick Hear
2.Nature and Source of DrugsClick Hear
3.Volatile Olis Full Details Notes Click Hear
4.Pharmacognosy Drug ChartAnita GouswamiClick Hear
5.GPAT 2021 Pharmacognosy Stomata types (video)GPAT NetClick Hear

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