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Carbohydrates and Lipids MCQs with Answers


???????? Topic : Carbohydrates and Lipids????????

1️⃣ Which of the following test is not use to identify Acacia ?
A. Molisch’s test
B. Lead acetate test
C. Borax test
D. Test with Reducing sugar

2️⃣ Family of Acacia is__
A. Gelidaceae
B. Lagumenosae
C. Apidae
D. Bovidae

3️⃣ Synonym of Tragacanth is__
A. Agar Agar
B. Indian gum
C. Gum dragon
D. Gum Arabic

4️⃣ Warming of agar in a solution of KOH gives___
A. Red color
B. Blue color
C. Violet color
D. Canary yellow color

5️⃣ When Tragacanth is treated with strong iodine it gives__
A. Green colour
B.Blue color
C. Yellow color
D. Violet color

6️⃣ Family of Honey is__
A. Bovidae
B. Apidae
C. Gelidaceae
D. Lagumenosae

7️⃣ Biological source of wool fat is___
A. Honey comb of bees
B. Dried gelatanious substance from Gelidium amansii
C. Sebaceous gland of sheep
D.None of the above

8️⃣ Synonym of Bees wax is__
A. Cera Alba
B. Lanolin
C. Mom
D. Both A & C

9️⃣ Synonym of wool fat is__
A. Lanolin
B. Hog gum
C. Madhujan
D. Both B & C

???? Which enzyme is present in salive of Honey bee ?
A. Maltase
B. Invertase
C. Lipase
D. Lactase


1. A ( Molisch’s test )
2. B ( Leguminosae )
3. C ( Gum dragon )
4. D ( Canary yellow color )
5. A ( Green color )
6. B ( Apidae )
7. C ( Sebaceous gland of sheep )
8. D ( Both A & C )
9. A ( Lanolin )
10. B ( Invertase )