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(c) Aqueous _(d) Non-aqueous

2. The two phase mixture of mo th er li qu or an d cr ys ta ls of
all sizes which is withdrawn aS PrOduCt IS….0+0ss
(a) Solution (b) Triple Point
(c) Magma (d) Condensate

3. The angles made by corresponding faces of all crystals
of the Same Material are… and characteristics
(a) Big (b) Unequal
(c) Equal (d) Small
hlduke ls three dimensional arrangement
4. nae ® ® e

particles in crystals
(a) Space Lattice
(b) Surface Angle
(c) Space Angle (d) Surface Lattice (a) Crystallization (b) Polymorphism
(c) Amorphous (d) Porosity
5:c Electro static
trons attract ion binds together the
/a)Elec (1) lons 16, Salt obtained from brine solution is a process
(c) Protons (d) Neutrons OE isissesacievnvenns
(a) Distillation (b) Crystallization
6. Formation of crystals by chemical reaction (c) Freeze Drying (d) Lyophilization
(a) Desolvation (b) Seeding 17. Crystallization process is USEd FOF…
(c) Precipitadon (d) Nucleation (a) Extraction (b) Evaporation
(c) Purification (d) Identification
7, Rat Of sroresorsen is the number of new particles
formed per unit time/per unit volume of magma 18. Protamine zinc insulin is (a)… product.
(a) Nucleation (b) Generation (a) Amorphous (b) Crystalline
(c) Magma (d) Saturation (c) Polymorphic (d) Tablet

8. wee Crystals are added to initiate crystallization 19. Orderly internal arrangement of particles in three
(a) Nucleate (b) Diffused dimensional space……..
(c) Hydrated (d) Seed (a) Crystal Lattice (b) Crystal Angle
(c) Crystal Length (d) Crystal Bond
9. Spurious nucleation in crystal can be avoided by
FEMOVIMNG….csesscesees 20. Crystal structure can be studied by
(a) Solvent (b) Impurities (a) Thermogravimetry
(c) Solute (d) Solution (b) UV Spectro Photometry
(c) HPLC
i0. When a foreign substance influences nucleation, it (d) X-Ray Diffraction
1S Called ……..:00+. nucleation
.a)Heterogeneous — (b) Homogeneous 21. From solution, solute molecules or ions reach the faces
(c) Seeded (d) Grown of a crystal by diffusion causing
(a) Crystal Growth (b) Nucleation
11. A loose aggregation of molecules/ions to form (c) Breaking of Crystals (d) Super Saturation
crystals is calle(d)………….
(a) Aggregates (b) Clusters 22. Theory for crystallization is…
(c) Agglutinins (d) Agrimoles (a) Picks Theory (b) Meir’s Theory
(c) Theory of Saturation (d) Rettingers Theory
12. The clusters may lead to
(a) Embryo (b) Seed 23. In Meir’s Theory, region enclosed by supersolubility
(c)Rhombhohedral Rod (d) Tetrahedral curve and normal solubility curve is…………….
(a) Precipitation State (b) Stable State
13. Embryo undergoes lattice arrangements and (c) Metastable State (d) Unknown State
leads to,
(a) Super Saturation (b) Nucleus 24. Meir’s Theory is applicable when …………….. solute anc
(c) Saturation (d) Vacuum solvent is used
(a) Pure (b) Insoluble
14. Sequence of crystal growth is (c) Unstable (d) Stable
(a) Cluster, Embryo, Nucleus, Crystal
(b) Cluster, Nucleus, Embryo, Crystal 25. A SUDSTANCE sicsisssersscsnnase if the solution is not
(c) Nucleus, Embryo, Crystal, Cluster saturated and if the solution is supersaturated
(d) Nucleus, Crystal, Embryo, Cluster sesabinannivin takes place.
(a) Dissolves, Crystallization
15. Spontaneous arrangement of the particles into a (b) Dissolves, Precipitates
repetitive arrav ic _ (c) Undissolves, Crystallization
136, Crystals Are.sseeeseeee
P r e c i p i t a tes (a) Incompressible (b) Soluble
(d) Undi s s o l v e s ,
(c) Insoluble (d) Vaporizab.
w e e n th e d e g r e e of supersaturation
i 26, Rapid COOLING (b) Avoids
(a) Decreas e s 37, Amorphous substance IS …….su0. Soluble tha
(d ) Allows n
(c) Increas crystalline solids
e m p e r ature Is (a) Less (b) Slowly
F P H S oe er er se re n of t (d) Sparingly
97. To aVOId POLYMO (c) More
needed (b) Rising .
(a) Careful Co nt ro l
(d) Fluctuation 38. Anhydrous form of crystal dissolves… 4
(c) Decreasing “(han
hydrate crystals.
tr an sf er (a) Less Frequently (b) More Fre quently
… … .. in cr ea se s th e ra te of he at
28. In Crystallizer
and keeps crystals in suspension. (c) Slowly (d) Inefficiently
(a) Water Jacket (b) Propeller
(c) Copper Coils (d) Evaporator 39. Crystals having tendency to get associated With
the SOIVENES ALe..sserserees
29. In Swenson Walker crystallizer, the cold water is (a) Crystal Solvates (b) Crystal Hydrates
passed in CireCtiON……u- .to the (c) Associated Crystals (d) Isomorphos
flow of hot concentrated solution
(a) Opposite (b) Parallel 40. Substance having the same crystalline from is
(c) Perpendicular (d) Below CALL] () erceessessesssen
(a) Isotopes (b) Isobars
30. In Swenson Walker crystallizer, crystal (c) Isomorphs (d) Isocrystals
accumulation is prevented by……………….
(a) Water Jacket (b) Spiral Scrapper 41. The solubility of a compound in a solvent exceeds
(c) Cool Water (d) Cooling Gradually the saturation solubility, the solution
SD Da scssscssseasese is a smallest geometric portion which (a) Under Saturation (b) Saturation
repeats to build up the whole crystal (c) Super Saturation (d) Crystalline Solids
(a) Unit cell (b) Basic Cell
(c) Impurity (d) Nuclei SEZs sesiasonsncenenss Causes super saturation
(a) Evaporation (b) Vacumising
32. Distance between the centers of the two atoms
(c) Distillation (d) Sublimation
(a) Axial Angle (b) Axial Corner 43. Formation Of ween initiates crystallization
(c)Axial’Bond (d) Axial Length (a) Unit Cell (b) Nuclei
33. Depending upon… Sy ancfevecveias crystals are
(c) Growth (d) Impurities
44. The birth of very small bodies of a new phase within
(a) Axial Length, Axial Angle
(b) Edge Distance, Surface Area
_ homogeneous super saturation liquid phase
(c) Molecular Attraction, lonic Repulsion
(d) Bond Angle, Bond Length (a) Crystallization —_(b) Precipitation
(c) Nucleation (d) Sublimation
SA sccicsipecae more crystal structure
(a) Polymorphs 45. There are ws. classes of crystals
(b) Polycrystals
(c) Multicrystals (d) Amorphous (a)2 (b)4 (c)6 (d) |
lb crenpercscaad is a cubic crystal. 46. The crystals which maintain geometric similarity
(a) sulphur (b) Sodium Chloride during growth is crystal.
(c) lodide (d) Potassium Permanganate (a) Variant (b) Invariant
(c) Rhombohedral (d) Trigo
7. The! atevelofocigro wth of any fac e ofa cry sta l is me asured (a) Steam |
ty of translation of the face away (b) Heatin
from the (c) Solvent Removal
by Sarthe crystal in a direction ……..00 to the face : s
(d) Vapour
center (b) Perpendicular
allel 198. Addition of a third component to a saturation
(a) ciParcteular (d) Diagonal solution for crystallization is
(a) Precipitation (b) Salting
tte retained mother liquor is separated from the
48. (c) Condensation (d) Nucleation
stals by
Separation (b) Centrifu
gation 59. Swenson Walker crystallizer is a sssssssssssssssessessesee
( potaflash Evaporator (d) Evaporator process
(a) Continuous (b) Batch
in crystallization process is reached
49, Equilibrium (c) Intermittent (d) Long
when the SOLUtION 1S…
(a) Hydrated (b) Unsaturated 60. Agitation in Swenson Walker crystallizer
(c) Saturated (d) Steam Saturated annnnthenTian accumulation of crystals
(a) Prevents (b) Allows
<0, The curve which shows the crystal solubility, (c) Augments (d) Enhance
decreases as the temperature raised is …………. curve
(a) Resolvation (b) Viersolve 61. Cooling water and the feed material in Swenson
(c) Inserted Solubility (d) Soalition Walker crystallizer floWS iM …… direction
(a) Same Direction (b) Parallel
51. When the rate of the crystal growth is slow………..time is (c) Opposite (d) Increasing
required to reach equilibrium
(a) Periodic (b) Efficient 62. In Crystal crystallizer, concentration of liquids
(c) Less (d) More and crystallization chamber are in
sie chambers
32. wane iS EVOlVed When solid forms from a solution (a) Same (b) Parallel
(a) Sensible Heat (b) Latent Heat (c) Different (d) Opposite
(c) Condensate (d) Lattice
63. Super saturation can be induced by………….
93. Heat of crystallization iS sesssssee to the heat (a) Evaporation (b) Sublimation
absorbed by crystals dissolving ina saturated (c) Lyoj,hilization (d) Distillation
(a) Opposite (b) Equal 64. Vacuum helps in creating……..secses
(c) Synergistic (d) Antagonistic (a) Under Saturation (b) Super Saturation
(c) Solubilization (d) Size Reduction
54. The birth ofa new particle for crystallization is
(a) Generation 65. Crystal Crystallization is a oss process
(b) Seeding (a) Batch (b) Intermittent
(c) Nucleation (d) Lattice Intuition
(c) Continuous (d) None of these
5 9. For Nucleation,…essse is required |
66. Hot solution UNCErgOeS ….sccssssssssssensseeseesen due to
(b) Super Saturation exposure to vacuum/reduced pressure
(d) Kelvin (a) Flashing (b) Condensation
5 . (c) Sublimation (d) None of these
6 Saturated solution can be made super saturation
67. In crystal crystallizer, coarser crystalls……..
(b) Heating (a) Settle at the Bottom Sides
(d) Vapour | (b) Settle at the Bottom
97 (c) Froths at the Surface
m a d e s u p e r s a turation
faturation solutio
n can be (d) None of these
| | 79, Crystal may be coated with inert material ‘
pre a | |
c r y s t a l lize
i r, sup er satu ra ton Is |
68. In v a c u u m
(a) Moisture Absorption
| i ation
( b) Solubiliz
Isothermal Cooling
| (c) Formation of Irr egular Crystals
: Condensation Cooling (d) Amorphous y Cr
_— Cr: ystals
(c) Adiabatic Coolin, g
Ad ia ba ti c Ev ap or at iv e Co ol ing
om en on of gr ow th of la rg e cr ys ta ls sia
80, The phen
69. Vacuum crystallizer uses the principle of cooling expense of smaller crystals is……..
FONE sicaiiciieisin (a) Growth (b) Ostwalds Ripening
(a) Evaporation ip) vacuum (c) Saturation (d) Crystal Growth
(c) Drying (d) Distillation |
Hi 81. The solubility of a substance is related to its
70. Adiabatic coaling in vacuum crystallizer particle SiZ€ DY… 4
CAUSES. recccsccccsesccce Ls (a) Meirs Equation Kelvin Equation
a) Under Saturation (b) Solubilization q
a Super Saturation (d) Humidification (c) Faradays Equation (d) Kravin Equation
71. Vacu cryst alliz er is suitable for…………+0+ ge n caused due to
82. The nucleatio a the fluid shea: r and
(a) Thermolabile Substances (b) DryProducts = _ due to collision between existing crystals is…
(c) Extracts (d) Solution (a) Secondary N ucleation
(b) Primary Nucleation
72. On long storage, crystals May………….-0 (c) Nuclear Seed
(a) Cake (b) Break : (d) Shear Nucleus
(c) Crack (d) Stick
_ {83. Secondary nucleation is influenced by intensity
7B. secsssssssesvsees is the humidity above which crystals OM sierra
absorb moisture and below which they do not (a) Agitation (b) Drying
absorb moisture (c) Crystallization (d) Distillation
(a) Threshold Humidity (b) Threshold
(c) Critical Humidity (d) Grazing Humidity 84. Crystal growth is a vceecscs process
74. If crystals havi,ng less –
(a) Humidification (b) Diffusional
than its (c) Dehumidification
atmosphere, then the crystals………… Humidity (d) Stokes
a) Absorb :
* Efflorescent len ees 6. The technique of passing supersaturated solution
through a fluidized bed of growing crystals
Pe corse! in humidity causes (a) ci “ree yma
(a) Increase,Decrease (b) Increase, Increase a) romabig Liquid Method
() Decrease, Decrease (d) Decrease, Increase (b) Supersaturated Method
76. Temperature fluctuation may cause…..__ ic) Steaming.
(a) Caking (b) Nuclei Formation et (d) Baffling
ry als
(c) Growth of Cryst (d) None of these 86. The technique of circulating the magma thr ough poth
TT, ent awash iapsa
Mes of temperature causes melt; crystallization and supersaturation steps withou!
crystals mee OF. : ]-. Separating the liquid from the solid is.»
(a) Increase (b) Decrease (a) Baffling (b) Circulating Magma Method
(c) Fluctuation (d) None of these (c) Steaming (d) Separation
78. oe” humidity… caking | 87. Internal propeller agitator are used for… wit
(c) Prevents (b)fa) Degr
ades-~fal _
(a) Forced Circulation (b) Vac
| (c) Denracci…. *. r>_ Be £=9y_s.,. ff,
48 Adiabatic eva poration cooling can be done for
(a) super Saturation (b) Vacuuming
(c) Dry Bulb (1) Thermometer
gg, In vacuum crystallization, the super saturation
generated by cooling and CVAPOFALION CAUSES :rsins,,,
(a) Rhobohedralation (b) Nucleation
(c) depression (d) Seedling

90. The theoretical yield of crystals in vacuum
crystalliZer IS sss proportional to
difference in concentration of the feed and the
solubility of the solute
(b) Indirectly
(a) Negligibly
(c) Directly (d) Rationally

91, The volume of magma divided by the volumetric flow
rate of magma through pump produceswssesn
(a) Flow Velocity
(b) Average Residence Time
(c) Volume Gradient
(d) Pump Constant

92. Crystallization can be equipped With tank to
classify crystal for its size
(a) Vacuum (b) Muslin
(c) Elutriation (d) Stirrer

93. The annular space in draft tube baffles in the
crystallizer provides… zone
(a) Settling (b) Agitating
(c) Glazing (d) Grading
94. Draft tube baffle in the crystallizer is used to produce
iia crystals
(a) Large |
(b) Bulk
(c) Soft
(d) hard
95. The presence of too many nuclei
Focwasg crystals
(a) Coarse
(b) Fine
(c) Needle (d) Spherical

76. “Double draw off technique” can be used £0 w=
Crystal size
(a) Increase (b) Decrease
(c) Coagulate (d) Rigidize
1-b 2-c_| 3-c 4-a 5-b | 6-c 7-a 8-d_ | 9-b | load
11-b 12-a 13-b 14-a 15-a 16-b 17-c 18-b 19-a | 20-4
2l-a | 22-c | 23-c | 24-a 25-a 26-c | 27-a | 28-b | 29-a | 304|
3l-a 32-d 33-a 34-a 35-b 36-a 37-c_ | 38-b 39-a | 40-c|
41-c_ | 42-a | 43-b | 44-c | 45-d | 46-b | 47-b | 48-b | 49-b | S0-<|
51-d 52-b 53-b | 54-c 55-b 56-c 57-d t 58-b 59-a | 60-a |
61-c 62-c 63-a 64-b 65-c 66-a 67-b 68-d 69-a | 70-c
71-a 72-a 73-c 74-a + 75-b 76-a T1-a 78-c 79-a | 80-b_
81-b 82-a 83-a 84-b 85-a 86-b 87-a 88-a 89-b | 90-c_
91-b 92-b 93-c 94-a | 95-b 96-a |