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Suppositories:- Advantage / Disadvantages / Types


A Suppositories is a medical solid dosage form generally intended for use into the
rectum vagina to a lesser extent the urethra after insertion their melt or saft at body temperature where as vaginal suppositories some time called as peassaries are also made as compressed table that disintegrate in body fluid.

“Suppositories” are semi-solid or solid base dosage form of medicament for insertion into body cavity other than mouth and melt into body temperature.
They are inserted into rectum, vagina or nasal cavity.
These produce so formulated that after introduce into rectum vagina or nasal cavity. These produce so formulated that after introduce the will either melt or dissolve into cavity fluid to release the medicament.

Advantage of Suppository :-

• Drugs are rapidly absorbed in rectal mucosa without ionization.
• Drugs sensitive to acidic pH of can be administered safety.
• Non – Sedating and bitter drugs can be given in this form without difficulties.

• These can easily administered to children old person and to unconscious patient, who cannot be swallow the drug easily.
• They can be inserted into rectum to rapid active on the rectum.
• These are inserted into rectum to promote evaluation of the bowl. Suppository are unit dosage form or drug and no dose variation.
• They have been used to obtain prolonged adion of drug.

Disadvantage of Suppository:-

• The irritant drug can’t be administered by this route.
• Absorption of drug through rectum is irregular.
• They are required to be stored self-life otherwise throughout there shapes may be destroyed.
• These is leaking problem of material through cavity thus found uncomfortable.
• They should have a maximum disintegration time of 30 minutes.

Type of suppository:-

A) Rectum suppository
B) Vaginal suppository
C) Nasal suppository
D) Urethral suppository
E) Ear suppository

A) Rectum suppository:-

• These for meant for introduce into the rectum of there systematic effect.
• These are generally mode from theobromine oil.
• They are usually available in 1-2 gm.

B) Vaginal suppository:-

• It is also known as pessaries and are meant for introduce into the vagina.

• They are larger than rectal Suppository and wet from 3.6 gm.
• This suppository is mainly use in local action particular place.
• Now a day vaginal tablet and capsule are also available.

C) Nasal suppository:-

• It is also known as ‘bougies’.
• They are used in Nasal cavity.

• Nasal suppository is about 9-10 cm long and weight about 1gm.
• They are always prepared with glycerogelation base.

D) Urethral suppository:-

• They are known as urethral bougies.
• It is also used in urethra
• It is about 6cm long and weight from 2-4 gm.

:Suppository Base:-

• The various type of suppository are used to prepare suppository so they can retain its shop solidity during storage and administration.
• They should dissolved or melt in the body cavity fluid when inserted into the body cavity.