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Pharmacology of drugs acting on central nervous system (unit:- 4):- Hand written notes


Pharmacology of drugs acting on central nervous system (Pharmacology 1, unit:- 4 notes pdf)
a. Neurohumoral transmission in the C.N.S.special emphasis on importance of various neurotransmitters like with GABA, Glutamate, Glycine, serotonin, dopamine.
b. General anesthetics and pre-anesthetics.
c. Sedatives, hypnotics and centrally acting muscle relaxants.
d. Anti-epileptics
e. Alcohols and disulfiram

IMP Questions list

Unit:- 4

1). Classify General Anaesthetics. Discuss the stages of general anaesthesia with
suitable diagram.
2). Write on role of GABA as a neurotransmitter in CNS.
3). Classify general anesthetics. Discuss various stages of general anesthesia.
4). Explain Pharmacological actions of alcohol.
5). Write note on GABA as an inhibitory neurotransmitter of CNS.
6). Write about pre- anaesthetics medications in details.
7). What are preanesthetic agents? How they are useful?

  • Subject:- pharmacology 1
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 4th sem , sem :- 4