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Pharmacology of drugs acting on peripheral nervous system (unit:- 3) :- Hand written notes


Pharmacology of drugs acting on peripheral nervous system
a. Organization and function of ANS.
b.Neurohumoral transmission,co transmission and classification of

c. Parasympathomimetics, Parasympatholytics, Sympathomimetics, sympatholytics.
d. Neuromuscular blocking agents and skeletal muscle relaxants (peripheral).
e. Local anesthetic agents.
f. Drugs used in myasthenia gravis and glaucoma

IMP Questions list

Unit:- 3

1). Classify Parasympathomimetic agents and write a note on organophosphate poisoning.
2). Discuss types of Glaucoma, pathophysiology and its drug treatment.
3). Write a note on Neurohumoral transmission.
4). Classify Local anaesthetics and write a detailed pharmacology of procaine.
5). Explain the pharmacology of β- Blockers in detail.
6). Classify Skeletal muscle relaxants. Explain mechanism of action and pharmacology of d- tubocurarine.
7). Compare and contrast succinylcholine and d-tubocurarine as skeletal muscle relaxants.
8). Classify parasympatholytics. Discuss therapeutic uses of atropine.
9). Classify sympathomimetics. Describe Dale’s vasomotor reversal in detail.
10). Write a note on Neuromuscular blocking agents
11). Define Local anaesthetics. Discuss the classification of local anaesthetics.
12). Classification of Sympathomimetics. Write therapeutic uses of Sympathomimetics.
13). Describe synthesis and metabolism of adrenergic neurotransmitter.
14). Classify parasympathomimetic agents with example. Write a note on pilocarpine.
15). Differentiate between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system.
16). Describe the different stages of anesthesia.
17). Describe the pharmacology of Acetylcholine.

  • Subject:- pharmacology 1
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 4th sem , sem :- 4