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Drugs Affecting The Respiratory System:- PPT / PDF


Unit: VI-A
Drugs Affecting The Respiratory System
• Define antihistamine, Decongestant, antitussive and expectorant
• List the drug groups that are used for the COPD and Asthma.
• Explain the therapeutic effects, side effect, Toxic level and nursing
• Calculate the drug dosage accurately while administering oral and parenteral medications.
• Common Diseases Affecting the Respiratory Tract
• Reactive Airway Disease (Asthma)
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
• Inflammatory Mediators of the Respiratory Tract
• Inflammatory Mediators of the Respiratory Tract
• Antihistamines
• Antihistamines: Nursing Implications
• Antitussives agent’s
• Antitussive: Nursing Implications
• Expectorants
• Expectorants: Nursing Implications
• What are Decongestants?
• Autonomic Control of the Respiratory Tract
• Classification of Antiasthmatic Drugs
• Bronchodilator Drugs
• Mechanism of action of bronchodilators and methylxanthines
• Beta Adrenergic Drugs
• Theophylline
• Anticholinergic Drugs
• Corticosteroids
• Leukotriene Inhibitors
• Mast cell stabilizer: Antiallergic Drugs
• Mucolytics
• Antihistamines
• Mechanism of Action
• Clinical Indication of Antihistaminic Drugs
• Antihistamines: Nursing Implications
• Antiallergic Drugs
• Clinical Indication of Antiallergic Drugs
• Cautions and Contraindications
• Drug Interactions
• Drugs Used To Treat Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

  • Subject:- Pharmacology
  • Course:- B.pharm (pharmacy),
  • Semester:- 5th sem , sem :- 5