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Gas chromatography:- Hand written notes


Gas chromatography – Introduction, theory, instrumentation, derivatization, temperature programming, advantages, disadvantages and applications

Gas chromatography is a widely used technique for separation of gaseous and volatile substances which are diffrcult to separate and analyse. It is a rather simple and inexpensive method, generally efficient in regard to separation. In gas chromatography, gas as a moving phase is passed through a column containing adsorbent or a liquid adsorbent supported ori aninert solid. Thus adsorption or partition is possible. In ‘gas solid adsorption chromatography’
(GSC) the components of the mixture distribute themselves between the gas phase and the adsorbent and the separation is due to the differences in adsorptive behaviour. While in ‘gas liquid-chromatography’ (GLC), the components of mixture distribute themselves between gas phase and the stationary liquid phase according to their partition coefficients. The solid
functions only as a support for the liquid stationary phase, enabling it to present a large surface to the gas. Thus, GLC has a much greater application in analysis of most of the organic compounds which has a measurable vapour pressure at the temperature employed.
Though fundamentally it is a separation technique it provides identifrcation of compounds and the quantitative estimation also. It frnds application in analysis of varied types-gases and
pollutants, petroleum and petrochemicals, oils and fats, food and flavours, drugs and vitamins, steroids and alkaloids, blood and serum, pesticides and fungicides, radioactive
isotopes and a number of miscellaneous purpose

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