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Pharmacology of Drugs Acting on Endocrine System MCQs with Answers

Pharmacology of Drugs Acting on Endocrine System

B.Pharmacy- 5th Semester

1. A chemical which is being secreted by ductless gland is called
(A)Endocrine hormone
(B) Exocrine hormone
(C) Autacoids
(D)All of the above

2. The activity of circulatory control is regulated by
(B) Adrenaline
(C) Insulin
(D)Both A and B

3. Which of the following is responsible to convert the glycogen into glucose
(B) Glucagon
(C) Parathyroid

4. Which of the following is considered as master endocrine gland
(A)Anterior pituitary
(B) Adenohypophysis
(C) Both A and B
(D)Thyroid Gland

5. Secretion of Pituitary hormone is controlled by
(B) Acidophil Cells
(C) Basophils Cells
(D)None of the above

6. Diabetes which can be manage or controlled by oral drugs is
(A)Type 1
(B) Type 2
(C) Both
(D)Insulin dependent diabetes

7. Which of the following is or are causes of diabetes (Type 2)
(A)Down regulation of Insulin receptor
(B) Lack of insulin release
(C) Decrease sensitivity of cell for insulin
(D)All of the above

8. Excessive growth hormone may cause
(A)Gigantism in children
(B) Acromegaly in Adult
(C) Both
(D)None of the above

9. Which of the following hormones are secreted by thyroid
(B) Triiodothyronin
(C) Calcitonin
(D)All of the above

10. Which of the following statement is true
(A)Thyroid secrete more T3 than T4
(B) Thyroid secrete more T4 than T3
(C) T4 is major circulating hormone

11. Adult hypothyroidism is also known as
(B) Nontoxic goiter
(C) Cretinism
(D)Thyroid Nodules

12. Goiter is
(A)Enlargnent of thyroid
(B) Shrinkage of thyroid
(C) Inhibition of Insulin release
(D)None of the above

13. Insulin was discovered by
(A)Banting and Best
(B) Robert Hicochs
(C) Pasture
(D)Rudolf Greatman

14. Glycogen synthesis is take place in liver by (Mostly)
(B) Glucagon
(C) Thyroid
(D)Both A and B

15. Lente insulin is mixture of
(A)Ultralente and Semilente in 7:3 ratio
(B) Ultralente and Semilente 3:7 ratio
(C) Ultralente and Semilente in 10: 05 ratio
(D)None of the above

16. Which of the followings are analogues of insulin
(A)Insulin Aspart
(B) Insulin Glargine
(C) Insulin Detemir
(D)All of the above

17. The 1st DPP-4 (Dipeptidyl peptidase-4) inhibitor is
(B) Vildagliptin
(C) Saxagliptin

18. The corticoids are –
(A)20 carbon compound
(B) 21 carbon compound
(C) 22 carbon compound
(D)19 carbon compound

19. Male sex hormones is
(B) Oestrogen
(C) Progesterone
(D)All of the above

20. Which of the following is used in treatment of erectile dysfunction
(B) Flutamide
(C) Bicalutamide