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Herbal Drug Technology important Question list

Important questions for Midsem

Sem 6

1. Define Herb, Herbal medicine, Herbal medicinal product, herbal drug preparation.
2. Write a note on selection, identification, authentication and processing methods of herbal
3. Write a note on Pest & pest control method or Biopesticides / Bioinsecticides OR Organic farming
4. Define Asava and Aristha. Write common method of preparation of them. How preparartion of Arista differs from Asavas and why? Describe parametaers for standardization of Asavas and Arista. What are advantages and disadvantages of these formulations over other formulations?
5. Write note on – Teachers of Ayurveda.
OR Describe the basic concepts of Indian system of medicine and Tridosh theory.
6. What is Bhasma? Describe in detail method of preparation of Bhasma. Describe quality control parameters (Standardization) for Bhasma. In which condition Bhasma is required
to be prescribed?
7. What is churna? Describe in detail method of preparation of churna. Describe general procedure for standardization of churna as per Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India.
Describe advantages and disadvantages of churna as a formulation.
8. Write a note on skin care herbal cosmetics & Hair care herbal cosmetics with examples.
OR Write a note on Sources and description of raw materials of herbal origin used via, fixed oils, waxes, gums colours, perfumes, protective agents, bleaching agents, antioxidants in products such as skin care, hair care and oral hygiene products.
9. Write about preparation and evaluation of Herbal formulations
10. Write a note on herbal excipients.

11. Write a note on Evaluation of drugs, Explain the role WHO & ICH guidelines for the assessment of herbal drugs.
12. Write a note on Patenting and Regulatory requirements of natural products.
13. Write about ASU DTAB, ASU DCC Regulations in India
14. Write note on Stability testing of herbal drugs
15. Write details of GMP in herbal drug industry
16. Write a note on scope & future prospects of herbal drug industry
17. Write in detail about plant based industries and institutions involved in work on medicinal and aromatic plants in India.
18. Write detailed requirements of basic infrastructure, staff and specialized equipment
requirements of herbal drug industry.
– Infrastructure requirements
– Working space
– Storage area
– Machinery and equipments
– SOPs
– Health & hygiene
– Documentation & Record
19. Define the terms ‘Nutraceuticals’ and ‘Functional foods’. Classify various nutraceuticals and explain their health benefits. (Dietary fibres, Antioxidants, Poly Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Polyphenols, Prebiotics and Probiotics, Carotenoids etc.)
OR Write a note on Health benefits and role of Nutraceuticals in different ailments.
– Diabetes
– CVS diseases
– Cancer
– Irritable bowel syndrome
– Gastro intestinal diseases
20. Write about General aspects, Market, growth, scope and types of products available in the Nutraceuticals market.
21. Write a note on herbs as health food.
– Alfaalfa

– Chicory
– Ginger
– Fenugreek
– Garlic
– Honey
– Amla
– Ginseng
– Ashwagandha
– Spirulina
22. Write a note on herb drug and herb food interaction and its classification. Explain the following drugs, their possible side effects and interactions
Hypercium, kava-kava, Ginkobiloba, Ginseng, Garlic, Pepper & Ephedra
23. Define the following terms:
Patent, IPR, Farmers right, Breeder’s right, Bio prospecting and Bio piracy.
24. Write about Patenting aspects of Traditional Knowledge and Natural Products.
25. Discuss case study of Curcuma & Neem regarding patenting aspects.