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Industrial pharmacy–I (BP605TP) (Part:- 3) MCQs with Answers

Industrial pharmacy–I (BP605TP) (Part:- 3) MCQs with Answers

101. Poorly mfged Tablets have small pinholes on the surface known as
(A) Mottling
(B) Picking
(C) Cracking
(D) Leaching

102. Which of the following preparation will be the most irritating
(A) P. water
(B) 0.9% NACL
(C) 0.7% NACL
(D) 1% NACL

103.Match the following Terms
(1) Zanasi (A) Tab. Granules

(2) HEPA Filter (B) Tab. Coating
(3) Chilsonator (C) Injection
(4) Aceela cota (D) Capsule
Ans. 1-D, 2-C, 3-A, 4-B

104. Ingredients used for capsulation in soft gelatin capsule should flow by gravity at a temperature not exceeding;
(A) 35˚C
(B) 30˚C
(C) 25˚C
(D) 20˚C

105. Green bone are used for the preparation of a gelatin of the type;
(D) TYPE A& B Both

106. The moisture content of capsule shell is determined by;
(A) Steam distillation Method
(B) Fractional Distillation Method
(C) Toluene Distillation Method
(D) None of Above

107. In capsule, ROTOFILL is used for filling-
(A) Powders
(B) Pellets
(C) Liquids
(D) Corrosive Liquid

108. Generally, ”Gelatin” used in the manufacture of soft gelatin capsules contain Iron element;
(A) 25 PPM
(B) NMT 15 PPM
(C) NMT 10 PPM
(D) Between 10-15 PPM

109. Soft gelatin capsules are prepared by:
(A) Plate Process
(B) Rotary die Process
(C) Reciprocating die Process
(D) All of above

110. For weight variation test, according to USPXX, minimum capsules required is;
(A) 10
(B) 20
(C) 30
(D) 40

111. The crown thickness of individual tablets are measured with;
(A) A Micrometer
(B) A sliding caliper Scale
(C) Both A& B
(D) None of Above

112. In multi-station presses the portion holding the dies is called.
(A) The die table

(B) The turret
(C) The cam-Tracks
(D) None of Above

113. In multi-station rotary tablet press, the portion of which hold the upper and lower punches are called the,
(A) Upper and lower turrets respectively
(B) Upper and lower cam- tracks respectively
(C) All of above
(D) None of Above

114. The maximum amount of oil that can be added to a granulation as flavouring agent without affecting its tableting characteristics is;
(A) 0.5 -1.0%
(B) More than 0.7%
(C) Between 0.5-0.7%
(D) Between 0.1-0.25%

115. Pyrogen can be completely destroyed from parenteral container by:
(A) Heating at 650˚F for 60 sec.
(B) Heating at 650˚C for 60 sec.
(C) Heating at 650˚C for 60 min
(D) Heating at 210 ˚C for 60 min

116. For evaluating chemical resistance of glass, USP provides;
(A) The Powdered glass test
(B) The Water attack Test
(C) Both A&B

(D) None of above

117. USP Glass type –I Stand for:
(A) Soda lime glass
(B) Treated soda lime glass
(C) Highly resistant borosilicate glass
(D) General Purpose soda lime glass

118. Water attack test is generally used for,
(A) USP TYPE I Glass
(C) USP TYPE I & III Glass

119. Leaker Test is carried out for
(A) Vials
(B) Ampoules
(C) Bottles
(D) All of Above

120. A parenteral product must be;
(A) Packed in Bottles
(B) Sterilized
(C) Free of living organism
(E) Pyrogenic

121. Oils used to make parenteral products must be
(A) Good lubricant

(B) Metabolizable
(C) Good Solvent
(D) Neutral Product

122. Water for Injection USP is prepared by
(A) Distillation or Reverse Osmosis
(B) Filteration
(C) ION-Exchange Method
(D) All of above

123. Parenteral solution containing relatively small amount of Insoluble impurities are best removed by
(A) Cake Filter
(B) Depth Filter
(C) Screen Filter
(D) All of Above

124. Sterile emulsion are mainly used for
(A) I.V. Hyper alimentation
(B) Dry Vehicle
(C) Eye Drops
(D) Treatment of allergies

125. Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) Solution Contains:
(A) Lipids
(B) Vitamins & Trace elements
(C) Amino Acid
(D) All of the Above

126. Ideally TPN Solutions are administered;
(A) Orally
(B) By peripheral Vein
(C) Rectally
(D) By indwelling central catheter

127. Efficiency of HEPA Filter can be checked by;
(A) Leak Test
(B) DOP Test
(C) Pyrogen Testing
(D) LAL Test

128. WFI differ from sterile distilled water as it is free from
(A) CO2
(B) Preservative
(C) Pyrogen
(D) Antioxidant

129. Porosity of Porous Powder is defined as
(A) Bulk volume/Void volume
(B) Void volume/Bulk volume
(C) Void volume/True volume
(D) True volume/Bulk volume

130. High AOR of granules indicates;
(A) Bulk density of granules
(B) Porosity of granules
(C) Roughness of granule surface

131. On commercial scale emulsions are prepared by;
(A) Centrifugation
(B) Dialysis
(C) Freezing
(D) Homogenization

132. Type II glass is prepared from Type III glass by surface treatment with;
(A) Lime
(B) Oxygen
(C) Sulfur dioxide
(D) Silicon

133. The water resistance of glass container is tested by measuring;
(A) Amount of acid released into water
(B) Amount of alkali leached into water
(C) Determination of Silicon Level
(D) After Autoclaving turbidity of an aqueous solution

134. Aspirin USP tablets should be packed and stored in:
(A) Well closed container
(B) Tightly closed container
(C) Light resistant container
(D) Both B&C

135. The storage temperature of Aerosols should never exceed;
(A) 37˚C

(B) 120˚F
(C) 100˚F
(D) 120˚C

136. An Isotonic solution is one which;
(A) Does not cause hemolysis
(B) Has same salt composition
(C) Does not cause crenulations
(D) Has a freezing point less than that of plasma

137. Although isotonicity is desirable for almost all parenterals it is particularly critical for which Injection?
(A) I.V.
(B) I.M.
(C) Intra-dermal
(D) Subcutaneous

138.Carnauba wax is used in the following step of sugar coating of tablet:
(A) Seal coating
(B) Polishing
(C) Sub-coating
(D) Syrup coating

139.The volume of injection of IM route is;
(A) 0.1ml to 2.0 ml
(B) 10 to 50 ml
(C) 0.2 to 0.4ml
(D) 2.0 to 4.0 ml

140. Elastomer used in rubber stopper formulation is-
(A) Polybutadene
(B) Butyl stearate
(C) Titanium dioxide

141. Orange peel defect in film coating of tablet means
(A) Poor spreading of sprayed droplets of coating solution
(B) Excessive coating process
(C) Precipitation of polymer due to poor solvent
(D) High internal stress in film

142. Cab-o-sil is generally used as:
(A) A Flow promoters
(B) A Binder
(C) A Disintegrants
(D) A super Disintegrant

143. One of the following is also known as sugar based diluent:
(A) Nu Tab
(B) Emdex
(C) Celutab
(D) Aerosil

144. The volume that can be injected intradermally is:
(A) 0.1 to 0.2 ml
(B) 2 to 4 ml
(C) 1 ml or more
(D) None of Above

145. The compression properties in Preformulation studies includes
(A) Fragmentability
(B) Elasticity
(C) Punch filming properties
(D) All of Above

146. Which of the following is appropriate with slugging?
(A) Heat sensitive drugs
(B) Moisture sensitive drugs
(C) Direct compression
(D) All of above

147. Oral tablets containing…. Substance most be dissolved in water before administration to avoid gastric irritation
(A) Starch
(B) Sodium Chloride
(C) Stearic Acid
(D) Sodium lauryl sulphate

148. Among the given lubricants, which is not used in oral tablets?
(A) Hydrogenated Vegetable oil
(B) Talc
(C) Magnesium stearate
(D) Boric Acid

149. The main disadvantage of Tragacanth as a binder is that

(A) Harden on storage
(B) High concentration is required
(C) Used in warm condition
(D) Incompatible with most of the drugs

150. The decrease in thickness of tablet indicates
(A) More hard
(B) Less friability
(C) Decrease in drug content
(D) More disintegration time

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